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  1. Accepted!!! Honestly not too sure about my GPA - probably around 83%/171 LSAT I plan to accept Wishing those still waiting to hear all the best ❤️
  2. Accepted this morning! In queue December 8 3.63 CGPA (w/ fall grades)/ 171 Filled out part B
  3. I totally agree... That's why I made this thread because I feel like they don't want a bunch of people asking for their GPAs and annoying them (like me LOL). The optimistic side of me thinks that they are sending us an offer before the end of the month so there's no point finding our GPA and telling us it 😜
  4. So I guess it's safe to assume an offer isn't coming this week? 😕
  5. I got ahold of the admissions office the other day and they didn't tell me my GPA calculation over the phone. Are they not giving them out right now because there are too many requests or do you think they just haven't assessed my file yet?
  6. This forum is invading my life! I want to get in so bad, but OLSAS' gpa shook me this week. I have a CGPA of 3.59 and B3 of 3.71 (I think), LSAT of 171. Someone tell me I have no chance of first round so I stop stalking this thread!!
  7. In queue as of December 8. 3.59 cGPA, not sure what my last two are, 171 LSAT. It doesn't seem like this means anything but I still teared up a bit so clearly the emotional stability is strong.
  8. I posted an earlier thread (so I apologize for the double post) but unfortunately OLSAS' GPA was much lower than my own calculation... I applied to Osgoode, U of T, Ottawa, and Queen's. U of T was my number one but my chances are starting to look a little less promising. Thank you for your input in advance!
  9. So excited to say that I got the call in the late afternoon today!! I had a 3.75/4.33 with drops and a 171 LSAT, for your reference!
  10. Totally, just feel bad taking up people's time. Yes!
  11. I hate myself for making this, but I'm wondering how much y'all think an LSAT on the higher end makes up for a 1 point dif. in GPA. I wrote the optional statement about a really personal, difficult experience (which is really stressing me out) and I think my personal statement is strong (though it is tough to gauge). [mod edit: this was originally posted with a 3.77 B3. New GPA posted December 8. -WJ]
  12. I am also still in school completing my last 4 credits... This is where it gets weird - I used to have additional items required (fall 2020) grades, but that has now disappeared.
  13. I'm quite confident you will get in, as you are right around the competitive average! I wouldn't spend too much energy stressing, though I completely understand the anticipation and anxiety.
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