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  1. uOttawa uses Gmail now, have you tried on Gmail?
  2. J'ai appliqué à la fois aux programmes en anglais et à ce programme en français (Common Law) en octobre et je devais utiliser les mêmes lettres de recommandation pour les programmes en français et en anglais. Je me demande si le fait d'avoir soumis des lettres de recommandation en anglais pour le programme en français aurait une influence sur ma candidature? (Tout le reste est en français pour ce programme, comme ma déclaration personnelle, etc.). Je pourrais certainement être en train de trop y réfléchir, mais je me demande si quelqu'un qui a été accepté (ou non) pourrait partager ses opinions ou ses expériences? Merci.😅
  3. Hey, the gpa is under the "document tracking" tab at the very bottom! It might take a while for it to appear. From what I remember, I received the email about 2 weeks after applying saying that my application had been received.
  4. Hello, I applied in November for the French section (because I applied to English programs as well, so I sent everything at the same time to meet the English program deadline), and since the month of December, my status for the French one has remained as 'Under Evaluation'. I'm not too sure about entry stats for the French one but since the deadline is March 1st I'm assuming we can hear back anytime starting from April? If anyone else has information on this I'd love to know as well
  5. I don't know if this helps, but my application also said "application incomplete" until today! It now says "Referred- Admissions Committee". Everything was submitted while it said "application incomplete", so I'm assuming it might be the same case for you
  6. There isn't anything in my spam/junk, but I will definitely email them. Thank you!
  7. Does anyone know if it's normal that I haven't received any sort of email or application acknowledgment from Osgoode? I've heard back from two schools relatively quickly after applying, and I know that my application is complete... I'm getting a little worried though, anyone else still hasn't heard back??
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