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  1. Accepted this morning!!!! CGPA: 3.88 (OLSAS) LSAT: 162 In queue Dec 14
  2. What's your best 20 (not B2)? Ryerson considers your top 20 grades.
  3. Accepted Dec 15!!! Just saw through "my communications" on RAMSS, it hasn't shown up anywhere else yet. CGPA / B3: 3.88 LSAT: 162 (Nov) Decent ECs and good LORs. Wasn't entirely confident about the interview part but who was? Good luck to everyone waiting!
  4. Did you get a request from OLSAS? I think they may just view your score through there.
  5. In queue as of Dec 14! 3.88 OLSAS cGPA /L2 3.91 / 162 LSAT and to answer my own question from a few days ago, I only have my Nov LSAT score on file
  6. Hey all! For those in queue, did any of you write the November LSAT (and have it as your only score submission)? I'm wondering if this may be something that influences the ~wave~ in which applications are viewed. I know U of T has stated that applications completed before Nov 15 are being reviewed, which I am guessing includes released LSAT scores, so I'm wondering if the same goes for Osgoode. Thanks!
  7. Nah, no one knows. We only hope. Usually they start around this week on a Monday, but through my totally healthy stalking of their Tumblr archives they do sometimes start earlier, later, on Wednesdays.... etc. We'll try again tomorrow haha.
  8. Fake it til you (furiously google "GIVE WAVE" until you find a reddit thread that puts you out of your misery and explains wth everyone is talking about) make it: https://www.reddit.com/r/lawschooladmissions/comments/abpmha/time_to_summon_つ_つgive_wave_t30_つ_つ/
  9. Yes. I used it for a month and it boosted my PT scores by nearly 10 points from 156 to 165/166 (though I did goof on my actual test and ended up with a 162 -- but I blame nerves hah). This!!! I was doing HORRIBLY on this section and by the end I improved immensely. From 8-10 wrong to 2 wrong, tops. If this is a section you need to improve on, 7sage will do you well. Same goes for the LR section.
  10. What they said ^^ and also I've looked at past acceptance threads and some people were put into queue the day before they were accepted. I'd say don't worry but I'm in the same boat and I'm always worried so... worry less? Lol we'll know soon enough!
  11. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Wave ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Anyone else reloading the Tumblr page every hour or is it just me
  12. My stats are fairly similar (3.89 and 162) plus volunteer/work/research and a college diploma, and a few people said I have a "better than average chance" or around ~75% when I asked. Not sure if you also applied to Osgoode but your stats will probably get you in there! That being said, with the number of applicants this year, it's really hard to say. Good luck!!
  13. Where else did you apply? I looked through your posts and it seems like all of the schools there are quite competitive. If you're only interested in the top tier schools, I really think you should re-evaluate your studying methods and try to boost that LSAT up as much as you can. Have you tried hiring a tutor or using 7sage? A 160 is fine for many schools if you have a more competitive GPA, but with yours being on the lower end you really need to wow with your LSAT or consider applying next year and bring that cgpa up as much as possible. That being said, I did see people with lowed stats than you accepted into Ryerson and Windsor last year, so if you applied to either of those your chances as is are higher (I think). Good luck!
  14. I don't think it is either, mainly because I submitted it about an hour before the deadline lol. Also wrote the November test.
  15. My reports for both U of T and Osgoode were requested on Nov 24 and sent a few days after
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