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  1. My understanding is that a 3.7 in say Ontario is a 3.67/4.3 on Dal's scale. I was also under the impression that it is converted into a % grade if it isn't already and then used. (LSAT percentile x 40%)+(%GPA x 60%)=index score, I am told from here that 0.81 is competitive but I remember hearing from an admissions session at Dal that 0.78 is generally competitive and generally Maritime and Non-Maritime students have roughly the same index averages. Do with that what you will.
  2. I don't believe any of your chosen schools will accept the February LSAT. I know that Dalhousie and Western (and others I'm sure) do though.
  3. You can practice but there's no obligation to do the real thing right after. You can do the practice now and the real thing whenever and you don't have to schedule anything. The practice is good to give you an idea of what to expect, treat it like you would any other interview.
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