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  1. Dated March 11, saw message on RAMSS on March 15 B20: 3.86 LSAT: 168 LSAT report requested March 9 ECs were good - research experience, hospital volunteer, worked part time throughout undergrad. May have been too pre-med focused.
  2. This thread inspired me to start learning touch typing. I figure if I start now, I can improve my typing speed by the time I have to take my first law school exam.
  3. like @mmich said, my UBC GPA wasn't 3.3 because they drop the 4 lowest credits - just my OLSAS GPA was 3.3. No other outstanding factors.
  4. Not sure if this counts but I got into UBC first round with a 3.3 cGPA and 168 LSAT.
  5. Context: I was admitted first round at UBC but have been having terrible luck with Ontario schools. I am not looking for excuses but I am wondering if this has something to do with the fact that last year, I applied to two physiotherapy programs before I had any idea what I wanted to do and I did not explain this in any of my applications. Can schools see through OUAC/OLSAS that I have applied to other programs completely unrelated to law in the past?
  6. i've been sweating profusely since lunchtime and i'm still waiting
  7. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Wave ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  8. Yes my phone hasn't left my hand just in case they call. Really hoping I don't have to wait until round 3. My current coping strategy has been refreshing LS.ca every ten minutes and brewing copious amounts of tea.
  9. I remember seeing somebody start a group for Osgoode class of 2024 and were advised that usually admin/student groups from the university itself will put together the Facebook groups. Does anyone know if there will be a Peter A. Allard Facebook group for class of 2024? I'd love to be able to connect with all of you.
  10. In queue as of Jan 21. LSAT: 168 cGPA: 3.38 B2: 3.89
  11. Yes there are multiple versions of the test administered although I'm not sure how many. I had some different passages, games etc. from other people who sat the LSAT in the same month as me.
  12. UBC doesn't look at cGPA; they drop your 4 lowest half credits.
  13. Every school is different but I believe I've already seen Western and Osgoode start sending out second round offers. U of T also announced that they should start second round in mid to late January.
  14. I second warming up with a few questions! I took a break from full length PTs a day or two before my exam but right before my exam, I practised some logic games because that was the section I was most nervous about. Once I got a few question sets down, I felt much more confident.
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