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  1. I remember seeing somebody start a group for Osgoode class of 2024 and were advised that usually admin/student groups from the university itself will put together the Facebook groups. Does anyone know if there will be a Peter A. Allard Facebook group for class of 2024? I'd love to be able to connect with all of you.
  2. In queue as of Jan 21. LSAT: 168 cGPA: 3.38 B2: 3.89
  3. Yes there are multiple versions of the test administered although I'm not sure how many. I had some different passages, games etc. from other people who sat the LSAT in the same month as me.
  4. UBC doesn't look at cGPA; they drop your 4 lowest half credits.
  5. Every school is different but I believe I've already seen Western and Osgoode start sending out second round offers. U of T also announced that they should start second round in mid to late January.
  6. I second warming up with a few questions! I took a break from full length PTs a day or two before my exam but right before my exam, I practised some logic games because that was the section I was most nervous about. Once I got a few question sets down, I felt much more confident.
  7. Thank you, this gave me some much-needed perspective.
  8. I am stuck between U of T and Peter Allard Law. Coming from a science background, I am very interested in the Health Law program at U of T. Does anyone know if there is anything similar at UBC (ie. clubs, courses)? I can't find anything online about it. EDIT: I posted this in general discussion but realized it is probably more effective to post it here instead. Sorry about this.
  9. log into your LSAC account and there should be an option along the top that says "law school reports"
  10. I still don't have an LSAT report request from U of T and I'm wondering if this means I won't be getting an offer in this round
  11. that is super helpful, thank you so much. Ontario applicant here as well.
  12. Ah okay thank you so much lol here I was thinking I sent in the wrong application
  13. I just received my Allard Law acceptance but the email indicates that I am invited to join them for the Winter 2021 session... Can somebody give me some insight? I thought we were applying to start in September. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  14. I applied sometime in September and if I remember correctly, I think I got the login a few weeks later. I don't think you have anything to worry about!
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