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  1. Yup! Filled out part B, applied general. ECs were meh, LoR were solid. So far rejected from UofT and accepted to Ottawa + Queens. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  2. Waitlisted April 27th, in queue December 9th. LSAT 168 cGPA 3.69
  3. Accepted yesterday cGPA 3.69 LSAT 168
  4. A little bit of background info: I am originally from Toronto and attended UofT for my undergrad. I’m not 100% certain what field of law I aim to work in post-graduation, but I’m leaning toward corporate. I would like to end up articling and subsequently working in Toronto, but I say that because this is the only city I’ve ever lived in. From what I have gathered on these forums, it seems Ottawa thrives in government law + social justice while Queens is more business oriented. However, I’m not entirely sure how accurate or unbiased this is. Can anyone give me some opinions / pros and cons about both schools? Given the option, why would you choose one over the other?
  5. I’ve provisionally accepted my offer while waiting on others, but I’m going to be coming from Toronto if I follow through. While I am really interested in experiencing Ottawa as a city, and I would greatly prefer an in-person 1L to an online one, I realize there’s a great possibility things may be online next year. Has anyone heard anything or just want to openly speculate with me? What do you guys think is going to happen come September?
  6. Very similar stats here (168, 3.69) and I have also yet to hear back! This has been a super distressing experience for me since everyone I know and every current lawyer / law school student I spoke to reassured me I was a first round shoe in. Instead, I’m sitting at the end of the acceptance window crossing my fingers and expecting the worst. Rough. In any case, I’m tremendously grateful to have been accepted into Ottawa as none of my other applications have panned out so far (rejected UofT, still waiting for Queens and Oz). Good luck everybody! 🤞
  7. Just noticed offer on OLSAS, never received an email LSAT 168 cGPA 3.69 Very relieved as this is my first acceptance so far! Waiting to hear from Osgoode, Queens and UofT.
  8. cGPA 3.7 LSAT 168 ECs not the best, thought PS was okay but now I’m beginning to think otherwise. Applied to Queens, Ottawa, Osgoode, and Toronto. Yet to hear back from anywhere. I knew Toronto and Osgoode were going to be a tough sell, but I truthfully had expected to hear back from at least one school by now. However, seeing some of you guys and gals with 170+ LSATs and 3.9+ GPAs not getting in is a real wakeup call. Maybe next year?
  9. Just got my GPA from OLSAS, a little lower than expected 😞 I’m also a UofT alumni if that makes any difference. What do you guys think?
  10. I haven't calculated, but I imagine it'll be almost exactly the same as my four year GPA as I was a consistent mid-low 80s student for my entire undergrad.
  11. U of T Alumni, filled out optional essay. I've applied to Osgoode, Queens, and Ottawa as well, but U of T is my number one choice.
  12. Not seeing my GPA on OLSAS yet, just going off the fact that I graduated from U of T with a 3.75 GPA.
  13. I applied to U of T, Osgoode, Queens, and Ottawa. I’m wondering what you guys think my chances are, especially for Toronto since that’s my number one pick.
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