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  1. i was wondering if there was a deadline for people to submit supporting documents to school. i was trying to look around on school websites and the most i could find is that they require you to submit them through ouac. is there a fixed date which all ducuments were required to be submitted by? and if they are submitted afterwards are they not considered at all? thank you.
  2. thank you for the information! it is greatly appreciated. and yes i missed out on those 2 schools, hopefully i still get in somewhere. and i believe my access claim is pretty strong considering the circumstances and the quality of documents to support them. and does windsor have a general gpa cutoff although being holistic?
  3. around 160-163 mark but i notice that i perform a lot better when i am under pressure so maybe i could preform better on test day.
  4. hello, i hope everyone is doing well during these troubling times. so i’ve applied to every law school in ontario and applied to the access category where available. i have psychological reports and many other documents that support the access status. additionally, i’ve applied to victoria university and Saskatchewan. how well would i have to do on the LSAT to be considered? my test is next week and am curious to know my chances
  5. I was not able to have competitive years until my last 2 years. One of the last year is now so I guess since last year. But before my competitive years I was diagnosed with major depression, anxiety and PTSD. Additionally I lost both my grandparents before this time and have also provided their death certificates. I was hoping all this was would sufficient to why I was unable to obtain an academic LOR. I believe one should be better than none with all of the following
  6. Considering that I am applying for the access category when available, having supporting documents of the reasons behind my troubling times during certain years, and have an upward trending GPA (L2/B3). How impactful would it be for having only one referee. My referee is a very establish lawyer in many fields and gave a really well recommendation. Unfortunately I was unable to obtain a second letter of recommendation.
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