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  1. No contact yet. Still RFR here, mature applicant.
  2. Are you a mature or a university applicant? Did you have an interview? Thanks!
  3. Tough to say- we have not seen any non-indigenous/non-reapplicant mature applicants receive an interview or admission offer yet, although we have seen 2 waves of mature refusals. I am thinking may now see some mature admits to round out the class and then waitlist offers for all other categories (uni, cegep, indigenous), then mature waitlistings.
  4. Hi- what category did you apply under? Mature or University? Thanks and congrats on the UdeM acceptance and McGill waitlist!
  5. Im assuming no interview call either? I haven't heard a peep from Mcgill since submitting last year.
  6. Just confirming- have there been any MATURE acceptances that were not re-applicants or indigenous as of yet? I don't believe we have seen any.
  7. Lower stats only or lower stats with compelling attributes ?
  8. Hi, Are you a mature applicant, CEGEP or University? Thanks!
  9. If I recall that was a mature reapplicant- needed a French interview. Seemed to be more to the story!
  10. Mature applicant here- still RFR and no interview request yet!
  11. I think so. We already saw a wave of Uni declines in Feb. Some Mature declines happened in the last two weeks. They start processing CEGEP apps soon, so I'm guessing we will see another wave of declines in early April.
  12. Give this info, I would say you are under consideration- possible admit/waitlist scenario but they are still waiting to see how the cohort comes together. Otherwise I think you would have fallen in the first wave of declines given the GPA and no LSAT as a uni applicant from an ON school. I think you are very much in play, but it could go either way.
  13. Possible but the rest of the application would need to be compelling. We have seen "holistic" admits with sub 3.5 GPAs before, but don't think we have seen any this cycle on this forum just yet. Are you a Quebec resident or native French speaker? Otherwise, I think the lack of LSAT would not be looked upon favorably by the McGill adcomm igiven that your GPA falls below their historical median.
  14. Mature or regular applicant? How many years of work experience if mature?
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