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  1. I know McGill only reviews your application once all pending LSATs are sent in. My stats currently are 161 LSAT and 3.72/4.00 cGPA. I see that the average accepted LSAT is 162, so a higher score would be great but the McGill admissions page does warn that you may risk your slot by having your application reviewed so late. Is it worth retaking it in January to boost my competitiveness? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm considering retaking my LSAT in January. I already have an LSAT score on file but want to be more competitive, but was wondering this will do to my candidacy when being reviewed. Does Osgoode hold off until any declared scores are in, or do they evaluate my application based on the score right now then reconsider with my new score if I'm not competitive enough at the moment? Thanks in advance - been trying to call admissions office but their lines been busy so I appreciate your input!
  3. Should I retake my LSAT in January? I would possibly get a mid-160s. Applied to Western, uOttawa, Queens, Osgoode, Ryerson, McGill. All GPA calculations are through OLSAS. Good references and PSs (I think haha).
  4. Ah! Thank you for this reassurance!
  5. The invitation for the interview assessment got lost in my emails and I only realized today when I received an email reminder asking me to complete it. Is it bad that I'm doing it so late? I feel so unprepared. It says the interview is open until Dec 7, but the original email says I should have completed it within 2 weeks from when the email was sent (Nov 17).
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