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  1. The fact that more Jewish students get in doesn't mean that the schools are favoring Jewish students. It could just mean there are more Jewish applicants. Most of these schools try to be diverse and racially equivalent to general society. I'm not sure how specific schools run their admissions processes, but I would imagine that stats like this serve to create a disadvantage for overrepresented students. While I don't think it is a huge or even deciding factor, I do think that it could factor into the general equation.
  2. Firstly, I want to stress that I didn't say race it why I didn't get in, and I'm not blaming anything but my own application. With that being said, U of T has a separate application portal for black students, so to say race doesn't factor into it is naive. Also, I am unsure about how they take into account that I am Jewish, but I would be surprised if it was not at all somewhat involved in the equation. I do hope that I will get in as part of the second or third waves, however I am still surprised given my stats. Another third year applicant got in on the first wave with a 179LSAT, 3.82 cGPA and admittedly average extracurriculars, so I certainly am surprised that I didn't get in too.
  3. I have a 178 and 3.91 GPA and didn't get into either U of T or uOttawa first wave. I don't have great work experiences or extracurriculars, but I thought my PS was fine. I'm also a Jewish white male, so maybe that factored into it. I'm honestly slightly shocked. Edit: I'm also a third year applicant.
  4. Accepted! 3rd year, 178 LSAT cGPA 3.91 into queue Dec 8th
  5. In queue December 8. 178 3.91 3rd year applicant.
  6. Idk I just see a line that says "Applications processed and under review". I submitted mid October. In early November I was contacted by a McGill admissions officer asking if I planned to finish my undergraduate degree before next year (I'm in third year). Otherwise, I have heard nothing from them. All we can do is wait I guess...
  7. Congrats! Did everyone get their notifications earlier this morning, or did it occur later throughout the day?
  8. Are y'all 4th years, finished undergrad or what...?
  9. I had a lot of test day anxiety and I read this free ebook by Ellen Cassidy who wrote The Loophole and it really helped me with the stress. There a lot of good ideas and thoughts in that ebook, but I found this simple trick the most helpful. If you start to feel the anxiety creeping in and the feelings of despair, breathe in for three seconds and breathe out for six seconds, and you will naturally relax a bit more. Also, if you're testing below your PTs perhaps that could mean you aren't PTing effectively. For a PT to be an effective measure of your progress you have to take it in the same environment you'll be writing the test. No breaks, no extra time, no food. The full three sections, one after another. If you're getting more questions wrong that may mean you have more work to do, but it will be a more honest tell of your level.
  10. Cannot recommend lsatwizard.com enough. I finished on the actual LSAT with 5 minutes extra, and although I didn't get my answers back, I'm pretty certain I got them all right. Its a three week course, and breaks everything down into a few really simple methods.
  11. I took about 4 months of focused studying on the LSAT with minimal distractions. It allowed me to really get into a groove, and looking back, I think it allowed me to get the successful mark I did. I think you made the right choice. If you want to spend time during the break studying for the summer LSAT I would recommend LSAT Wizard. 3 week course on logic games, and he really breaks it down, and can improve you to -0 on the LG section.
  12. There have been a lot of things posted here but I think there are a few points about GPA and LSAT that haven't been made. Firstly, I definitely think there is a difference between a science or business or psychology or classical history degree in terms of difficulty, and what it says about the student. In general, it is very hard to standardize a GPA, and although there is a longer term picture, it is not totally fair to compare on GPA. This is partially why a standardized test is important to differentiate students. I would also say that the american schooling system is rife with low-quality schools which provide sub-par educations. I would say in my limited experience that a standardized system is less important for Canadian schools, when Canada doesn't have the same number of crappy schools.
  13. I applied the friday before the saturday deadline, and OLSAS still hasn't release my GPA yet, so it could have something to do with my late OLSAS submission. I'm also a third year applicant. Either way, we'll find out soon enough.
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