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  1. Thank you for your reply. It's really important to me. I will reach out to the law schools to make sure if they will take my second degree's grade. If they only consider my first undergrad degree, I don't want to pursue a second B.A. in Canada. Sorry for the misunderstanding, what I wanted to say is " pay my dues in all the hard work to become a lawyer in Canada". I have been in Canada for two years.
  2. Hi, I am a permanent resident of Canada and want to pay all my dues to become a lawyer in Canada. First of all, let me share some information about where I am now: 1. I have several degrees overseas: 2000-2003, Associate Degree in Business Administration. 2003-2005, Bachelor of Degree in Business Administration. 2009-2012, Master of Degree in Business Administration. 2. I am looking to pursue a Bachelor degree here for two reasons: A. My gap in university was not high. B. I am planning 3-4 years to prepare the LSAT, I want to go back to university rather than prepare that alone. I am wondering if I can choose some 3-year program. As far as I known, most of the law school applicants have 4-year bachelor degree. So is there any disadvantage if I take an 3-year program? Since I am newcomer here, any input even nothing to do with the question above will be helpful. Thank you very much.
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