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  1. Hey everyone, doing planning for the fall. I’m trying to gauge how much money I need to put away etc, but I don’t see the fees posted for 2021-2022 yet. I was going to use the tuition for last year (25,799) as an estimate but I can’t find anything for textbooks. Can someone help please? Also are there other fees I’m not taking into consideration?
  2. Firm accepted student here. Any idea when we’ll know whether or not it’ll be 100% in person or not? Also whether or not there may be a mixed requirement (small groups in person etc). I may not be able to be in the city during the semester so I’d like to start planning accordingly. Thanks!
  3. I firmly accepted in March and read that another student was added to the Facebook group. How can I too be added please and thanks
  4. Should we just expect emails for rejections and waitlists?
  5. Accepted! cgpa: 3.4, 3.7 L2 lsat: 160 Ec: great wrote part B, in queue for a bit under 2 months good luck everyone ❤️
  6. What are some good questions to ask at an open house? I’m having a hard time deciding between schools and thinking of important questions to ask to help make my decision easier.
  7. How plausible is it to find a room in a student housing complex (or house) in sandy hill for around 500-600 monthly? I’ve seen people find sublets for around this price in the summer (yes I know that’s a huge factor in the price drop), so I’m curious if I could find something similarly priced for the school year
  8. Does anyone know how long it takes for the acceptance to show on OLSAS?
  9. Any idea when welcome day is, as well as when admitted students will be invited to it?
  10. I’m confused by this statement. Why is OP’s testing conditions ( accommodations vs no accommodations) relevant?
  11. 1. Has anyone in the past received a scholarship from Windsor, if so what are your stats like? 2. is it fair to assume since Windsor’s acceptance stats are lower in comparison to other schools that their thresholds for scholarships is similarly lower? 3. has anyone received a scholarship this cycle?
  12. Accepted! cGPA: 3.4 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 160 Ec: lots! Volunteer and work Reference letters: I believe good! Not sure if I’m accepting. Good luck everyone!
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