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  1. I’m confused by this statement. Why is OP’s testing conditions ( accommodations vs no accommodations) relevant?
  2. 1. Has anyone in the past received a scholarship from Windsor, if so what are your stats like? 2. is it fair to assume since Windsor’s acceptance stats are lower in comparison to other schools that their thresholds for scholarships is similarly lower? 3. has anyone received a scholarship this cycle?
  3. Accepted! cGPA: 3.4 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 160 Ec: lots! Volunteer and work Reference letters: I believe good! Not sure if I’m accepting. Good luck everyone!
  4. Accepted to Single! cGPA: 3.4 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 160 Ec: lots! Volunteer and work Reference letters: I believe good! Not sure if I’m accepting. Good luck everyone!
  5. When I log into the UWin site I see that I’ve been admitted, and it also says accept or decline. What is the meaning of this? If I accept this offer is it the same as accepting on OLSAS aka my other acceptances will go away?
  6. Thank you everyone for the thorough responses!! Taking everything into consideration, will be refining my other skills (reading & typing)
  7. I’ve heard that there is little benefit in spending my 0L time studying 1L material but I’m eager to do it anyways. I have access to 1L textbooks and materials for one specific Ontario school, however I’m not sure if I’ll be attending this school and may not hear a response from the school until well until the summer. So my question is, is the knowledge transferable from 1 school to another? If I study the full 1L curriculum at UFT and end up at Ottawa, will I find a huge discrepancy in the content? thanks!!!!
  8. Don’t cancel! I’m not an expert but I think you’re in for both schools
  9. Thanks! Just one, forgetting to delete a word. Thanks for the insight!
  10. How fatal is it to have errors in my PS? This may sound silly but would this preclude me from admission? is it something that could be overlooked for higher stats, but detrimental for lower stats?
  11. I agree with you on your depiction of the access category. This is how schools (to my understanding) will deal with students who sufficiently meet the category of what is considered an “access claim”. The schools have also made it known that there are times where students don’t fit into the access category and then are moved into the general category, and are either accepted or rejected based on what is competitive in the general category. For this reason I’m curious whether or not they disclose whether your file was assessed in light of your access claim, or, whether you were moved to the general category and assessed in that pool.
  12. Does anyone know when welcome day is and if students admitted close to that day will still be extended an offer?
  13. For Ontario schools, how do you know which category you were admitted into? Specifically If you applied access, is there a way to know if you were accepted into this category or moved?
  14. Would doing college courses bring up my GPA? I’m considering this as those courses are way way cheaper than uni courses. I suspect that it may not, however, I’ve heard these courses can be used as transfer credits for an actual degree (whatever area or length) at a uni. Is it possible to get college courses used as transfer credits... but not towards a degree or diploma etc? For example, taking 5 gender study courses at college and having a Uni award them to me as a university credit? Can someone advise on this?
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