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  1. I received the phone call a few minutes ago!! Super excited!!! General category. cGPA: 3.55 (non-traditional undergrad with upward trend in grades) LSAT: 152 Currently completing an MA at another Ontario school. Wide range of volunteer and work experiences - not all directly related to the mandate but I connected them in my PS.
  2. I felt fine about it until about 30 minutes after lol. Several test takers who wrote earlier in the day had posted about the questions on Reddit. Apparently some the questions had been recycled from previous LSATs in the UK. The threads were removed quickly by mods, so I am not sure how legitimate the claims were, or how many people were able to look up the questions. But I felt absolutely gutted after finishing the LSAT and seeing those posts.
  3. Also was accepted to UNB without amazing stats and did not send LORs. That being said, I did complete a degree at UNB.
  4. I cannot believe that I finally get to post here! Accepted yesterday afternoon! cGPA 3.9 / 4.1 with drops LSAT 152 (retaking in January) Strong community involvement in NB. UNB Alum. & NB resident. Currently in a Masters program.
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