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  1. You're probably right, I didn't even check past waitlist threads for an estimate so it was a total guess
  2. I agree coming up with an exact answer would be impossible, but for a rough estimate we know that UofT usually sends out ~300 offers for their ~200 spots (at least in past years). Past that, if you guess that they bother waitlisting ~100 people (this is really the shot in the dark) then maybe 400 people are truly competitive. This is a very rough estimation and doesn't necessarily mean that in a given year some of the 1600 rejected applicants could not have been waitlisted or accepted, but it is one way to look at it. EDIT: Just to be clear, not all that are competitive may have the stats that you referenced. Many with great stats are rejected to UofT (check the thread this year, there are some A-, 17X rejects that should have "competitive" stats, but for some other reason were not seen as competitive by UofT). I am sure there were a few people with far lower stats that were waitlisted or accepted who were seen as "competitive" for different reasons.
  3. Hope so! Honestly, just getting the rejection from UofT was nice because it was news.
  4. Glad I have my seasonal work starting back up to keep me busy, especially if there's a chance we don't even hear about waitlists till May. Hope you all are keeping busy too!
  5. Applied Jan 10, processed on the 29th, LSAT 173 (99th), GPA with drops ~3.44 (unconfirmed) so my index is ~925. No word from my numero uno.
  6. This might not be a helpful answer but this isn't an assignment you're handing in, why not just submit the provisional acceptance? Takes 2 minutes, no need to pay or anything, and it doesn't impact your consideration at other schools you want to be considered by. I guess maybe if you're really having a hard time choosing between two offers you may want to maximize your decision time. This being said, applications were said to be due November 1st and they were due at midnight on November 1st so I assume you have until midnight.
  7. You've got good stats and sounds like you're a good person, glad to see in your post history you've gotten in elsewhere. All the best!
  8. That sounds great! I personally highly recommend the gap year if for no other reason then getting a de-stress period from the last ~18 years of your life that you have spent in school. But do what is best for you!
  9. Not at all, LSAT 173 GPA 3.29 OLSAS, don't know B3/L2 off the top of my head, but I'm less hopeful for Ontario schools than OP and hoping for UVic (~923 index)/UBC (~91.65 index).
  10. I am in basically the same boat. I can only speak for me but I am ready to go back to school either way. I don't personally think I will benefit from taking another year (I'm 2 years since graduating) off. If it comes down to it, I would rather go to Ryerson than wait but you can only answer that question for yourself based on considerations beyond just the LSAT. Do you have something else you are excited about lined up for the year? Maybe something new you'd like to learn or try? If your plan is to work retail for a year and get a 163 on the LSAT I think you should go to school. But if your ECs are lacking, not just from a school perspective but also from a self growth perspective, taking a year to broaden your perspective of the world and learn some new skills could be very valuable. All the best, hope you get in somewhere you're excited about going.
  11. I'd probably defer to @CleanHands judgement, I'm no expert. I've heard that mature applicants can be a bit of a wild card depending on school. Good luck!
  12. This really should have deterred me from starting my day listening to this *Me when I got a 173* "Wow this will make up for my mediocre GPA, I'll definitely get into one of my top schools" (Curb your enthusiasm plays) Some reassuring stats though is that there are ~3000 seats in Canadian law schools and according to their numbers, only ~1,465 total people with a 165+ this cycle. Yeah, not everyone has applied to every school, there will be people applying with scores from previous cycles, etc. etc., but the odds are still decent a lot of those waiting with reasonable stats will still get into schools, just maybe not their top school(s). Not to mention more and more schools are "wholistic" so a 163 and great experience may be worth more than a 167 and mediocre experience. Not that wasn't true before, but suddenly a 167 may not stand out quite as much on its own if 900 other people have one as opposed to 600. Compounding this, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that ECs may have taken a hit this year. Probably fewer people had interesting/unique jobs, volunteered in their communities, published academic papers, etc. during the pandemic because they couldn't. Having more time to study for the LSAT is a tradeoff in itself. I think that there may be a lot more factors at play here than people anticipate.
  13. Just worth mentioning that a lot of people may be rejecting a UBC offer within the next month when their deadlines pass. I would expect another round or two of acceptances around late March/mid May with a number of spots still to be filled. Seems to be the trend from last year. Exactly, but 80% offered does not mean filled. There's still lots of time especially considering how far they are supposedly behind this year.
  14. There have been a couple Chrome extensions like this for a while, "Stay Focused" is a great one as it allows you to set a time limit for how much time you can spend on blacklisted sites both on different days of the week and/or times of the day (potentially giving you unlimited access evenings or weekends or whatever). Has lots of customizability. I however settled on using the extension "Go Fucking Work" which insults me whenever I try and open a blacklisted site. Much more to the point.
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