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  1. If the deadline is within 2 weeks of receiving the email - if received Nov. 3rd, is the deadline today or tomorrow? Can the assessment be completed tomorrow (Nov. 17th) I was planning to do it tonight but I’m having health issues atm. Can I do it tomorrow morning? I’ve emailed to ask as well but their hours are to 5. Thanks
  2. Is it possible for schools to offer an acceptance with a prior score that I have - if I’ve inputted in OLSAS that I will also be taking the January LSAT? Or do they wait until I have taken my future lsat before reviewing? Let’s say I have a 167 and would like to see if I can get it to 170s in January to increase my chances. Can I still be offered an early acceptance based off my first score? Thanks
  3. Hello, Just making sure - because I have seen different answers. For your transcript to be considered on time by November 1st, would mean that you submitted your request before then and not necessarily meaning the transcripts have been submitted by then. Because if my plan was to submit my entire application October 31st to pay all my fees (including transcript request fees) at the same time - there's less chance that schools would be able to send in transcripts into the system for the next day. I submitted October 31st. uOttawa submitted transcript today, November 2nd. I can see it in OLSAS. Thanks,
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