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  1. Was accepted last week LSAT: 171 GPA: 3.2 ish Zero Sask Connection, I will be declining. Best of luck to everyone still waiting! You've got this
  2. Waitlisted a week or two ago. Not surprised at all with my gpa! LSAT: 171 L2: 3.2-ish/4.0 EC's: Pretty average, applied straight out of undergrad. Good luck to everyone waiting!!
  3. Yes they will!! I'm pretty sure it says that for everyone in fourth year.
  4. I don't know a lot about UNB or the transferability from it to gov't jobs, or work in other provinces so I can't comment on that. However, I wouldn't lose hope yet about the other schools. I know it feels late in the cycle, but I think that there are still acceptances to go out in march and after the deadline to accept offers ends. I think its still slightly early to be thinking that its either take UNB or reapply, especially when you haven't heard from other schools!
  5. To add the above - the winter 2020 semester counts as credits, but courses from that semester don't change your GPA. So if winter 2020 is included in your last 60 courses, the credits would count as part of the 60 but it wouldn't be counted as the 3.9 GPA that you got in fall 2019. Not sure if that makes sense. If you took 5 classes each semester (with each class being worth 3 credits), and will continue to take 5 each semester I think that they'd look at: Winter 2020 - 5 classes (15 Credits) GPA doesn't count for this semester Fall 2020 - 5 Classes (15 Credits) Winter 2021 - 5 Classes (15 Credits) Fall 2021 - 5 Classes (15 Credits) That being said, they might consider your first ever semester because you'd be a third year, or might do a conditional acceptance contingent on your winter 2022 grades, I'm not sure how U of A works with third years. This is something that I'd probably confirm with admissions, but the above is just my best guess. If anyone else has more specific knowledge please supplement this
  6. I'd guess that they'd get the scores from LSAC as well so would probably use that in your index calculation if you didn't include percentiles I really wouldn't worry about it!! Good luck!
  7. Hi guys, another data point for you all. My status got switched to 'decision pending' from 'application under review' today. 🙃 I'm roughly around a 900 index score (not sure if I calculated my gpa with drops and everything right) for reference. Looks like its going to be a long couple months 🥺
  8. I didn't write the Jan Flex but I'd recommend checking out the PowerScore podcast. They go over each administration and talk about the difficulty of each section that was on the test so that you can better gauge how you did. When I wrote my test I found the podcast more helpful to calm my nerves after as opposed to looking on reddit or other sites I hope it went well for you all !!
  9. How did you find the general culture at sask? Have you had a fun / enjoyable experience?
  10. I'm not an expert, just an applicant myself. I'd say its hard for any of us to say what your chances are without your January LSAT mark. If you do get a 160 I'd guess that your chances are quite good but it might be more tough with a 153. Your GPA is obviously quite excellent but the 153 LSAT is much lower than their average so the higher you get on the Jan LSAT the better. U of C is also quite holistic so its always a little hard to tell I'd recommend posting another thread or update this one once your LSAT comes in to get a better estimate. Also checking past accepted threads to see if anyone with your current LSAT has gotten in in earlier years might help you out a bit as well!! Best of luck, I hope you get in!
  11. I would guess that they'd have to make the decision a couple of months before September (maybe June??? big question marks LOL) , but I think there's a lot of things it would be dependent on that no one can really predict. I swear I saw this question somewhere else on the site but I can't remember which forum it was in. I, like you, am also hoping that classes are in person. Fingers crossed!!!
  12. I don't recall seeing anything on bear tracks, mine seems to just be launchpad! I do remember the bear tracks thing though from undergrad
  13. I would email the institutions you applied to if its still not looking like you're going to get your grade done in time explaining the situation. I had a transcript mix up / error for the Nov 1 transcript deadline and the receiving institution was really kind and understanding about it, so I'm assuming they'd understand this situation considering that its not your fault. I'd personally still send in the transcript with the grades you do have by Feb 1 and maybe send in another transcript when the last grade comes in, but I'd first and foremost email the schools and see what they say / what they want.
  14. I agree with all the above comments about not cancelling unless your dream school is U of A. If it makes you feel better, I personally found my actual flex test significantly harder than all the practice tests I did (I thought I bombed it) but I ended up scoring on the upper end of my PT scores. Something that helped ease my nerves after the test was listening to the PowerScore podcast about my specific FLEX test. The podcast talks about the relative difficulty of each section on the test and it helped me gauge the difficulty of my sections / if the curve was gonna help me out. Good luck!
  15. I'm just an applicant myself, so not an expert, and I'm not 100% sure on my answer. Take this with a grain of salt. From what I believe I've read on this forum previously it seems like they will wait for your new LSAT mark to come in before making a decision, just as they often wait for fall grades for fourth year applicants. Their website also says, "We begin evaluating an application when all of the supporting documentation has been received." (https://www.uvic.ca/law/admissions/jdadmissionfaqs/index.php). I'm assuming that an LSAT mark would be considered supporting documentation. If anyone else has more specific knowledge on this please supplement Edit: It seems like you have a great chance as it stands with those stats so I wouldn't worry too much!! If you're really stressed, I would email the admissions staff with your question.
  16. I'd second this. I used this service for my flex studying as well, and the layout is not identical to the actual exam but is similar enough. I also found the scoring to be pretty consistent. It is fairly expensive (in my opinion), but I thought it was worth it.
  17. Please take this with a grain of salt, I'm just an applicant who spends wayyy too much time on this website. I don't have an answer for you about the nov LSAT acceptances, but I think I might have seen this question asked before on this forum (not totally sure).What is will say is that taking the Nov LSAT might have delayed the processing / review of your file, and could have caused you to miss the first round, but I really wouldn't worry too much. Lots of the Ontario schools have seen increases in applications this year so they might have reviewed other files first, or could have prioritized files that were completed on the deadline. In general schools seem to be taking longer to admit people this year (because of COVID). Also, due to the seemingly competitive nature of this years cycle, the averages might be higher this year than in past years, making a file that was above average last year, not above average this year (all of this is just based on things I've read in the forums and on things that schools have said). What I've gathered from looking through accepted and rejected threads in past years (and even this year), is that usually people with exceptional scores (e.g., LSAT and GPA substantially above the median) are generally the ones to get accepted in Nov/Dec, and that the vast majority of applicants get accepted Jan and later. All in all, I wouldn't stress and I'd try and enjoy the holiday's! I'd guess that admissions teams are taking breaks at this point and there won't be a lot more acceptances until January anyways.
  18. Thanks for this! I am not a URM, but I really appreciate the advice.
  19. Take this with a grain of salt, not an expert, just an applicant who spends wayyy too much time looking at this website 😅. I agree with the above comments that an LSAT score is really critical here, since your GPA is very uncompetitive. You're probably going to want to get high 160's at least to show that you're competitive. Positives: I think the really good thing here is that law schools sometimes place less emphasis on undergraduate GPA as you get older, and gain more work experience. One of the comments above touched on this. In summary, I'm not a mature student, but from what I've read on this forum I think you could have a decent access /mature claim, especially with a killer personal statement. Access/mature claims are usually harder to predict (e.g., admitted stats can vary), so it's hard for anyone to really tell you your chances (especially without an LSAT score or diagnostic). In all honestly the GPA is gonna be a pretty large barrier, as clean hands mentioned, but I don't think it's necessarily insurmountable for every school, especially if you get a killer LSAT score. I personally say go for it, the worst that can happen is you get rejected. Edit: I think that @Deadpool and @CleanHands really have some good points and advice here about asking yourself if its something you really really want to do. Best of luck! I hope everything goes well for you. I know its a tough spot to be in.
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