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  1. GPA 2.8 LSAT 165 Only the second school I've heard from. Luckily the first was an acceptance to Windsor Dual. Do we think we'll hear from any other schools before April 1?
  2. I don’t remember when I was deferred. I got an email from the Detroit school and the other websites have not been updated yet m, but it seems other people are in this situation as well
  3. Wow I got in the Dual program! Can’t believe it. cGPA 2.81 LSAT 165 hang in there if you don’t have the best stats!!
  4. Thank you! That is what I figured but just wanted to make sure. I (obviously) am that type of person as well
  5. Does anyone know exactly when the application deadline is closed? I am applying for general
  6. I have a completed LSAT on file at LSAC, but it still hasn't uploaded to OSLAS. Do I need to purchase CAS in order for LSAC to send my info to OSLAS?
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