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  1. I didn't read the date of the post 🤣 thank you!
  2. Unrelated question for you. How did you find out about this open house? I saw nothing in my UOZone and didn't receive any emails
  3. Hi everyone, I hate to even post this here, but the IT team at University of Ottawa has been pretty useless so far in rectifying the situation. I accepted my offer and paid the $500 deposit. When I click "Juris Doctor (JD) (offered in English)", I see that UOttawa has received my deposit. However, I am neurotic, and wanted to see it reflected in my Statement of Account. However, I can't seem to access it. When I click it, it says "you are not authorized to access this component (40,20)". I have been back and forth with IT about this, and they once briefly fixed the issue, but then the next day it went back to saying I no longer have access. I have tried asking them many times whether access is even granted yet, or if it's granted later, and they responded by telling me to access it via a private browser (I've tried this...it doesn't work). Basically what I am trying to figure out is whether I SHOULD even have access to my statement of account yet, or if access is granted later? UOttawa so far has been pretty useless in answering this question. Thanks in advance to anyone who has insight into this!
  4. Carleton for undergrad and URegina for a more recent certificate program.
  5. I can't say for sure whether I was accepted because of my mature status, but based on my stats (CGPA 3.11, LSAT 159), I would assume that I was accepted under the mature category. I did also submit an access document for consideration, but I didn't apply under that category.
  6. This is exactly how I feel. I will order this book. Thank you! See you (hopefully in person) in September
  7. Thank you for this. If you don't mind me asking, what did you do to prep?
  8. Thank you! I ordered these both. I do appreciate your advice to relax while I have the time. I guess imposter syndrome is kicking in!
  9. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I recently accepted my offer from Ottawa, and I'm already antsy to start readings or general preparation for 1L. Could someone recommend readings I should do before starting, or provide any other insight into how to prepare for law school? I've only just accepted my offer, so I don't know at which point class registration happens and textbook lists are released, but I'd like to be prepared! Thank you 😊
  10. Don't be hard on yourself! I somehow got accepted with a 3.11 CGPA and a 159 LSAT. Stay hopeful! 🤗
  11. I currently don't have Facebook because I'm not a huge social media fan. I got accepted to the common law program. Should I join Facebook for the group/social aspects? How important is having Facebook? I do have LinkedIn account, and I will get Facebook if necessary. Thanks 😅
  12. Congratulations!! I hope to see you in the fall
  13. I literally cannot believe I am posting here. Especially given my stats, I figured Ottawa (or any Ontario school, for that matter) was a lost cause. ACCEPTED to common law JD! Found out via OLSAS and then UZone. No Email. Category: Mature (6 years work experience in health regulation) CGPA: 3.11 LSAT: 159 (November) ECs: I did a Master's Certificate in Health Administration from 2019-2020, had a paper published, and wrote another substantial paper (not published, but submitted to my work to change policy and processes in the healthcare system) LORs: Two professors from my master's certificate (one works for the Senate), and my boss. I accepted right away! Edit: I submitted Access documents too (I became hard of hearing during my undergraduate degree), but I didn't apply via access. It may have been considered.
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