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  1. When is the deadline to accept by if you don't mind mentioning? Might help people figure out when the next round of offers go out
  2. Does UVic have any fall/spring breaks for law students ? Uvic has a fall break Nov 9-14, but it was designated as not including law students on the website.
  3. Been stuck on Application under review since mid-February. Sent my application in January, and they didn't receive my LSAT till early February. Its gonna be long road for me 😭
  4. Hi, I feel like I've mainly been seeing acceptance and general responses back form UViC for those who applied in Oct/Nov and maybe December. Any who applied in January heard back yet? If you ahve, would you find sharing your stats etc.
  5. Do you mind mentioning when you applied?
  6. Do mind disclosing when you applied?
  7. Does UVic go through applications based don when you submitted them, I submit mine in January and am just a bit surprised at their rate for review for applications
  8. Was your CGPA before or after drops?
  9. Hi, I'm just wondering what/how much the fee is to accept the offer form UBC, if someone wouldn't mind sharing. I just don't want to be caught off guard later, and I can't seem to find info in UBC website. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I was just wondering how much the acceptance Fee/deposit is that you ahve to out down when you accept that offer. Just don't want to be surprised later. Thanks!
  11. Sent them an email asking about my GPA claucaltion and estimated update on my application and they said they will have all information by late May and make all their offers by that time. No info available before then unless it's an acceptance
  12. I would recommend just ending them another quick email again. If they have it than they'll probably give to you, otherwise let you know to wait. The GPA they gave me was almost the exact same I calculated, but I'm also a UBC student so I didn't expect to to be that different unless they mis-calculated. It was 0.04% higher tho for some reason, not sure how they got that.
  13. Emailed Allard yesterday regarding an update on my goal, and they actuallly answered back today with my GPA with drops. Apparently they go through applications based on LSAT score so if your score is in the higher end you might be able to get your gpa calculation by email right now
  14. Status changed to application under review in Feb 17th, was forward for review prior to that from Feb 9th (when they requested my LSAT)
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