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  1. Osgoode really out here playing hard to get
  2. Just double checking but isn't the day to accept and the day to pay different like Western for example has a provisional acceptance of April 1st like everywhere in Ontario but its deadline to submit the deposit is June 1st (https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/important_dates.html) Also how long does a deposit take to be submitted? (1-3 business days?)
  3. Totally unrelated to this thread sorry but I just gotta say this guy has the best name on this site
  4. I love how we have weekly get togethers reviewing the week and trying to stay strong like a little AA meeting
  5. Sorry as an aside I was wondering how much time negotiating between banks will take (let's say to get the 125K at prime assuming I have a good credit score)? Should I be inquiring as soon as I get an acceptance letter (I've heard that's all you need) or is this something that can wait until the end of the summer? Also have you guys been calling, emailing or seeing them in person (I imagine this is trickier to do now) to negotiate? Thanks
  6. Nah, don't think there was a round this week (although some people have been moved in queue)? Maybe some movement next week, stay strong kids!
  7. Another fellow December queued here (cGPA 3.68 LSAT: 164), I just think they lost my application at this point...
  8. I can give you the pdf of these books if you don't mind not having a hard copy
  9. Hi I got accepted today with a November LSAT for what its worth good luck! OLSAS cGPA: 3.68 LSAT: 164
  10. Hi, I watch cp24 a lot and I feel like I'm always flooded with personal injury ads (Diamond and Diamond, Kotak, Sokoloff etc etc etc etc). Why arent there more tv ads for other fields of law? Do personal injury firms get most of their clients through tv ads whereas perhaps other fields of law get most of their clients through referrals or something? Or perhaps personal injury firms are just simply the ones who can afford the expensive (I assume) ad time? Sorry just a random question that's been on my mind. Thanks, Dabman
  11. Thanks for the explanation that makes more sense. As a follow up do employers really take this into consideration i.e that 2L and 3L marks can be 'gamed' or is this just what the general consensus is? I guess my question can also be reworded to is there actually evidence of 1L marks playing a bigger role in someone being hired over their 2L and 3L marks?
  12. Hi sorry this is probably a super nooby question but why are 1L grades regarded with so much emphasis over 2L and 3L? I think I've read people saying recruitment or something happens after 1L so those are the only grades you have, I totally understand this but what if you don't get anything during that recruiting period? Why wouldn't 2L marks not matter as much compared to 1L marks say in the summer after 2L (at least this is the impression I'm getting)? Thanks
  13. Inputting your cGPA and LSAT into https://lawapplicants.ca/predictor it says your chances to get into your top choice (Queens) is high.
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