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  1. Hi guys sorry if this has been answered before (please redirect me if it has) but I was wondering how common and how difficult it would be to switch between different fields of law once youve become a practicing lawyer? Also what are the major hurdles between switching fields e.g knowledge gap, network? Thanks
  2. Hi just wondering what my chances are for Western, Queens, Ottawa, Oz and UofT (one can hope)? All gpas are olsas converted Thanks
  3. Am I dumb where did you get this link? This was not in the email i got. Also it works now thanks a lot!
  4. Hey guys I got my login a couple of days and couldn't login but decided to wait a couple of days since activation is not immediate but now I can login but I just get directed to this weird support page (HCL Domino)?
  5. Hi guys this is probably just my way of trying to relieve my post-test energy but i was wondering which round(s) does the nov lsat get reviewed at? Thanks
  6. No I haven't I guess from the more recent posts we're not an anomaly
  7. Did you get an admissions acknowledgement from queens, western and ottawa already? Thanks
  8. Hey you can sign up for this (free and made by someone on this forum) to calculate and predict chances. https://lawapplicants.ca/grade
  9. How would you "firm" or "provisionally" accept an offer? I thought the only 2 options were accept and rejecting an offer? Also would "firm" or "provisionally" accepting an offer be something that others schools are notified of? Thanks
  10. Interesting thanks for letting me know. I'm writing the LSAT in November to hopefully get a higher score to make my application less borderline.
  11. Wow a reply from the legendary Luckycharm!! Thanks From your experience when do you think they would send out invitations (assuming they do) for applicants with my stats?
  12. Hi just wondering what my chances are for Oz. Planning to rewrite in November cause i froze up in the beginning of the October LSAT (first time) and think i can do better if that doesn't happen again. All gpas are olsas converted Thanks
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