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  1. I've recently tried to calculate my AGPA and just have one question. From what I have seen on a gpa calculator im using (WhatsMyGPA.ca) Umanitoba issues credit hours of 1 and 3. How many credit hours would a full year course be then in my AGPA calculation? Surely it won't count thrice my one semester courses? Im from UVIC if that helps
  2. So I found this for converting UVIC undergrad grades into the grade that will be used for your USASK law application. Does this mean that if I got an A- in a UVIC course it would translate into 86% for my USASK law application? I'm still a bit confused on how to convert. USA & Canada Grade Point Value Letter Grade Description U of S 4.3 9 A+ Excellent 96 4 8 A 93 3.7 7 A- 86 3.3 6 B+ Good 78 3 5 B 75 2.7 4 B- 73 2.3 3 C+ Average 68 2 2 C 65 1 1 D Poor 55 0 0 E/F Failure 30
  3. Don't even know if this counts as a Sask connection: My stepdad (who is basically my paternal guardian since my dad lives in another country) lived in Saskatchewan for about 15 years up until 2008. My Step uncle is a sessional lecturer in some USASK medical classes, and his entire family also lives there. My B2 isn't actually finished and my LSAT hasn't been written yet (hear me out.) The B2 I listed will be my B2 at the end of this semester and then I only have one semester left to complete my B2. I'm pretty confident my B2 won't drop since 1 semester of that B2 was achieved when I was without ADHD medication which negatively affected my grades (and yes it is diagnosed) So my cGPA has been on an upward trend since the end of 1st semester of 2nd year, so i'll most probably score more like a 83.5B2 but i put my current just to be safe. In terms of my LSAT, i scored a 159 diagnostic and will be taking my LSAT next September at the earliest. I plan on studying A LOT for my LSAT and am confident I can improve by 6 scores.
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