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  1. In queue January 19th LSAT: 170 cGPA:3.30 L2: 3.64
  2. So Osgoode is my dream school and I filled out the optional essay on performance considerations. I had a severe mental health episode in my 2nd year of uni (truthfully I should have taken a break from uni to recover) where I pretty much got bare passes in all my courses, those courses have permanently scarred my gpa. I then switched programs half way through to English, a program I actually enjoyed(family pressure kept me from pursuing it/starting in it) and I began to see improvement and success. Currently, i'm finishing my MA in it. I knew that getting a median LSAT score wasn't going to help my application as my extracurriculars and gpa aren't great. I guess i'm just asking because I know my field/major isn't one that is seen as where a low gpa would be acceptable (compared to sth like engineering or compsci) and I feel some genuine doubt that the assessors will take my application seriously. What do you guys think? I have applied to Western as well which I know is a school where my L2 grade will be considered more seriously. edit: i also applied last year if it means anything
  3. I actually sent an email to one of my schools admission links with this question but it's been almost 2 weeks without any reply. Does anyone know how Canadian schools are looking at the regular LSAT vs the LSAT flex? i have one score for each with one of the scores being much better than the other (10+ point difference) and I'm starting to feel worried now because the websites for the schools i am applying to don't have anything specific on the LSAT flex.
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