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  1. Thanks for bringing this up - I definitely didn't think about the potential of getting burned out / discouraged by doing two lsats in quick succession. I asked my friend (who is neither a law student nor an applicant) about this and he kind of persuaded me that just writing both exams would be a good choice, but now I'm heavily reconsidering 🙂
  2. I thought about it some more and I've decided that I'm 100% going to be taking the August LSAT. You guys are right, there's no way that I'm gonna stake everything on a difficult exam with only 1 month to study. However, would it be worth it for me to take the June LSAT anyways before taking it in August as well as a test run, or as a kind of shot in the dark where I just try my luck? I am aware that it will likely be a terrible waste of $200, but I feel a lot better psychologically about having 2 chances at the test instead of only one. Is there anything to be gained from doing that?
  3. Yeah I'm targeting 170+ which is ironically why I'm considering rushing for the June exam in the first place - apparently it's much, much easier to score 170+ on the Flex as opposed to the regular exam. I'm just weighing whether it'll be more likely that I score 170+ on a short/easy exam with only 1 month of study as opposed to having 3.5 months and doing it in August but no longer having the supposed benefits of the Flex. At least they're not going back to the 5 section version of the LSAT, though!
  4. Hey guys, Would it be viable for me to only study for the LSAT for 1.5 months and rush to do it in June 2021? June will be the last administration of the 3 section Flex and released data shows that on the Flex exam the number of people scoring over 170 doubled from when it was just the regular exam. In August, it'll still be online but there'll be an added experimental section so it'll require somewhat more stamina. I also suspect that they're specifically aiming to deflate scores from August onwards. Is the added "easiness" of only doing 3 sections worth it for me to only prep 1 month? I also plan to work this summer. ETA: I took the June 2007 diagnostic last August and scored 158
  5. Okay, that makes me want to give up and d*e slightly less brb overdosing on copium
  6. I feel like half the people on here think that this is just a bluff on the part of Admissions while the other half believes that the personal statements count for 1/3. Tbh I'm in the former camp, I doubt that the personal statements influence that much seeing as the people who are getting in all have stellar index scores Thanks for the reassurance :'') I'm actually in my 3rd year at UBC but I have 2nd year status due to how I messed up my first year really, really badly. Either I get in next year or spend a 5th year in undergrad. As things currently stand with my bad grades, I need to get a 170 just to get a 92.04 index and that might not even be enough seeing how competitive this cycle was 😢
  7. Hey guys, I'm hoping to apply to Allard next school year (depending on whether I do well on my LSAT or not) and I was wondering how accurate the index calculator auto-admit threshold of 92 still is. It seems that most of the people who got accepted on the megathread have index scores of way above 92 (like 93.xx or 92.5x+) and there are basically no people who borderline straddle 92 (92.04, 92.25 etc). In fact, there are people who have index scores of low 92+'s already posting about how they got waitlisted this cycle in separate threads 🙃 I know that this was supposed to be an "especially difficult year" or whatever but I have a horrible feeling that this is only gonna continue. Is the 92 thing still relevant, or is there a new soft autoadmit threshold of ~92.5?
  8. This seems to imply that they won't be able to look at applications with LSAT scores under 165 at all in time, as I read in another thread that Allard plans to be done with admissions by the end of March. This actually has huge repercussions - so if someone hypothetically has a 92+ index score obtained through a 90+ GPA but 164 LSAT, they might not receive an offer? Seems LSAT matters a lot more than what most people originally assumed. (Also, I know some people currently in Allard with LSATs around 163 -161 that they made up for with stellar GPAs, looks like they wouldn't have been able to get in if they applied this cycle thanks to this debacle)
  9. How quickly did they fix it for you? Did they correct it right there on the spot? I'm not an applicant for this cycle but this is really terrifying...
  10. I think their main concern is that Allard admissions could calculate their GPA incorrectly, which is something many users here have mentioned happening to them. There are lots of posts in this forum which talk about how applicants had to call/e-mail Allard multiple times to get them to fix GPA calculation issues, so it's always a good idea to check in with them and make sure they have the right average.
  11. How do you guys think the added experimental section will impact the test? Will it serve as a major disadvantage for anyone who didn't get to write the Flex?
  12. Like @Byzantine said, make sure you use the index calculator to see what your odds are and calculate what GPA/LSAT you'd need to get in. If your index score is 92 or above you should be good. For instance, if you had an 85 GPA (I'm assuming since you said it was mid-80s) and a 154 LSAT, your index score would only be 89.94 and you'd thus have a very low chance. In that case, I would absolutely recommend for you to retake the LSAT and shoot for a 165 minimum. Don't bother with score cancelling or anything like that Also, if I'm not mistaken, the LSAT is also offered during the summer (June/July/Aug), so you might want to do it then as you won't be busy with school 🙂
  13. Lol can someone fill us in on what this was all about (if it's not too touchy of a subject)? I'm a current undergrad at UBC, and the prospect of unlimited Cr/D/F grading being applied for us in this recent term was somewhat unpopular in some circles because a handful of students were concerned that such a policy would lead to rampant grade inflation and inflated admissions averages for professional schools among other issues. The students who were against Cr/D/F were then accused of being "elitist premeds" or whatever and it was overall a pretty cringe situation lmao
  14. Maybe you should try calling them about it! I called with a separate inquiry and they picked up right away, honestly it sounds absolutely awful to know that they calculated your GPA wrong and haven't gotten to fixing it for weeks. My main concern is the possibility that even if you do call them, they won't fix it on the spot and will ask you to e-mail them later (at which point it'll likely be ignored).
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