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  1. how did you find out? Email or portal ? When were you referred to adcom? dw sending u positive vibes
  2. I anticipated the rejection but it def. stings to get it though. LSAT 151 Cgpa 3.1 L2 3.7
  3. I emailed them regarding this stuff - apparently Windsor will send it all through and most likely they already have it.
  4. Hi when were you placed on queue? and congrats!!! nvm was answered
  5. In Queue as of March 11th CGPA 3.1 L2 3.7 LSAT 151
  6. same here, you have to check communications not the admissions thing. And mine says it was uploaded before but that's not the case.
  7. congrats are you a graduated student already? has your transcript been complete or are you still a current student?
  8. Rejected today. Extensive ECS , reference letters, explained with proof to why my gpa was low 3.1 CGPA 3.7 L2 151 lsat
  9. hi single or dual and when were you referred?
  10. What about those of us who sent in applications in nov and then got referred to adcomm in jan but no response?
  11. I've been referred since January is this a waiting rejection? My last semester grades are coming in April and I am praying that they at least give me a chance to show them that before making a call.
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