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  1. Powerscore trilogy is lightly used. Will erase as much as possible, so this will barely get in the way. Very valuable to have for LSAT prep. I also have booklets of PT 7 - PT 81 (almost all of the ones offered). These have writing in them but are still valuable. Will give for a very low and reasonable price since there is writing in them.
  2. I'm wondering the same thing honestly. I suppose that other schools (like U of C) seem to send out acceptances/waitlists/rejections on a continual basis. Some people were waitlisted in Calgary a few months ago and acceptances have still been coming through after that. Its anybody's guess
  3. Do you think all the waitlist letters went out today, or will more come in the next two weeks? It seems alot of people just posted that they got waitlisted, so i am assuming they did it in one really quick batch.
  4. This is something particular to Engg. I don't believe that any other faculty does things this way, but this is 100% accurate. Basically, the Engg credit system attempts to put more weight on classese they think will be more work. Honestly, it is strange, but it is the complete truth.
  5. If there are any acceptances after this semester finishes (as in early May), will they look at Winter 2021 grades?
  6. I'll bite! L2: 3.46 (self calculated) LSAT: 165 Index: 242.85 Not sure what will happen but happy to be trying anyway!
  7. This seems like a great suggestion! Thank you, I will definetly check it out
  8. I've read Brave New World and I thoroughly enjoyed I believe that your first suggestion sounds very interesting too!
  9. I like Russian writers. Although I have only started on them, I really enjoy Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, and Tolstoy. If there are any 'classics' that might be good for a pre-law student, I would love your recommendations. I also used to enjoy reading fantasy (Song of Ice and Fire, Lord of the Rings, etc). I am very open minded to anything though
  10. Does anybody have any books that they could reccomend to somebody that is starting law school in Fall 2021? I mean books that could be read in our spare time over the summer, not the books that would be bought for law school itself. The recommendations could come from anywhere, including -Books written by lawyers -Books about the law -Novels of any kind -Cases, introductory books, other documents etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Not entirely sure. It must have been quite recent though. Last time I checked the portal (which would have been in early March) it still said decision pending. I am guessing it was in the last few days.
  12. Just looked at my portal and status has changed to "Decision made" and "seat offered". No email yet though, so I feel like I am celebrating too soon! GPA: B+ (probably around a 3.4, depending on how the calculate it) LSAT: 165 Decent EC's, decent Letter of References. My PS seemed genuine as well. Best of luck to everyone. Not totally sure if accepting but I am delighted!
  13. Got the email today. LSAT: 165 L2: Somewhat difficult to determine (Engineering background, so all my credits are hard to determine). Probably a 3.1 though or 3.4, depending on how they look at it. EC's: Student group invovlement almost every year of university, alot of part time work, some volunteering. My LOI talked about my interest in criminal law. Better than a rejection at least!
  14. 165 - one write. I think this change will make it much more difficult for me to get in. Its very difficult to know what percentage of students applying this year make taken it multiple times, and how many would have a drastically different score (like a 10 point jump). My lower GPA makes my chances much more difficult. Best of luck to everyone!
  15. How long does it usually take for them to get your transcript that includes Fall 2020 grades? The website says that it has "recieved" my unofficial transcripts, but I feel like this may be the one that I was forced to upload before I submitted my app.. For refernce, my transcript was sent over phyiscally from my current school on Jan 12. Thanks
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