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  1. i came here literally about to post this question. 12:01 am yesterday I logged in bracing myself aaaaand.... still nothing as of yet lol. really hope they post them soon bc I'm anxious that I've self-calculated it wrong which would obviously impact my chances agh
  2. okay thanks! Idkwtf is wrong with mine then, I'll try to figure out how to get in tomorrow 😥
  3. Anyone else not able to get in atm? I went to check to see if I'm in the queue yet and it won't let me in. Username or password invalid. I used both the info that was in my application acknowledgement and every password that I use in case I'd changed it and no luck. There's a password reset button at the bottom but using that requires providing a York student number which I don't have.... If this is just a me thing I'll email/call tmrw about it but certainly frustrating!!!
  4. my understanding is December 1 11:59pm is the latest you can send in your app. If applications MUST be submitted by december 1st, 11:59pm is still December 1st. It satisfies the deadline. Maybe don't leave it to the very last few seconds though 😅 (that's a note for myself too, very last min type of person unfortunately)
  5. Being this far into the thread I would just like to say that for everyone who has a dream school I hope you achieve it And for my fellow 0Ls with no clue, I hope the decision you end up being able to make exceeds your expectations and you never have any second thoughts
  6. I had this issue and only just had it resolved. My transcript hadn't been "adjudicated" yet... idrk what that means but it stopped them from being able to send it off. I had to send a couple emails to Student Services at my uni and my Faculty academic counselling to nudge them into doing it. It only just got sent like 2 days ago. Try doing that! Especially if you went on exchange, thats the reason they gave me for why they were taking so long. Kinda bullshit, but I would nudge your uni rather than OLSAS tbh good luck
  7. I improved 13 points in 3 months (diagnostic- actual exam score) so I would say it's doable! I used a lot of Khan Academy, but also PowerScore and Princeton Review. Those texts can be expensive though, I was lucky to have some handed down to me, so I'd see if someone is selling their old materials, the print books helped me understand the test better, and also at a certain point you'll start seeing the same questions on Khan, so it helps to have another resource to turn to! Good luck!
  8. especially if you've switched majors, this is very much a non-issue. Like has been said, just dont take 3 first year courses in your last year really is the only difference.
  9. i clearly cant read, my apologies
  10. when did you apply/did your transcript get received by olsas
  11. same, I'm from Ontario and like high key would love to move out to BC, UVic and UBC are in those top picks and I have a hard time deciding which of those is better, while I'm still also interested in Oz and maybe being a bit closer to home. I went on exchange in 3rd year so it's not like that big a move scares me at all it's just another factor to consider.... and there's pros and cons to each that in my head all leave them balanced out which does not make it easy lol.
  12. Wanted to start a discussion for my fellow 2021 applicants... do you have an absolute top pick that if you get in you KNOW that's where you'll go? I feel like I'm all over the place... there's at least 3 schools that I have a lot of interest in attending and I obviously won't be able to accept all 3 (assuming I'm accepted into all of them lol) Am I the only one who's flip flopping and unsure where they'll find themselves 10 months from now? I feel like it's gunna be a hard decision ahead of me.
  13. Related question - when the GPA shows up, what section will it be under? Transcript? Document tracking? Academic background?
  14. dang. I see that part now... lesson learned to read more carefully, at least it only affects finances and not admissions. thanks!
  15. Feeling kinda dumb and it's probably too late for it at this point but I'm hoping to understand regardless.... Having just received the application acknowledgment, I noticed it said in it that you only get considered for scholarships if you had submitted a financial statement with your application. I don't remember seeing anything about a financial statement while applying in OLSAS... like a spot to put one or it being mentioned at all. In looking on the Osgoode and OLSAS sites too I can't even find any information on WHAT the financial statement even is! I guess without it though it's too late to be considered for any scholarships? Which is frustrating because I know a lot of schools just automatically consider you for them.... That being said, how accessible are bursaries? Obviously no offers have been made yet but my stats have a fair shot, and while Osgoode is definitely a top pick, a big part of my final decision is gunna wind down to finances... ik any law school is gunna set me back but Osgoode tuition is steep. thanks
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