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  1. UBC doesn't require references for general category. Did you apply access/Indigenous? That alone might be why it's taking longer to get a response in your case! Edit- clearly I can't read you mentioned Indigenous lol... I wouldn't worry, I think thats just how the application process goes!!
  2. there's also an app you can download for your computer literally called "SelfControl" that I was introduced to in 1st year where you can add any website you want to your blacklist, set a timer on it and you will not be able to access those sites until the timer is up. Usually it's for facebook, youtube etc. while studying but, hey, I mean if adding here, OLSAS and various uni portals to there keeps you checking maybe one a day instead of 2 dozen, it's an option that might be helpful!
  3. Hi! 0L here just picked a school myself and I can tell ya it was a hard process... I'm also from Ontario and don't know where I want to practice 100%. I chose to go to UBC in the fall because I can see myself loving the west coast, and I have some family there, but if I want to come back home I've heard its relatively easy still for UBC students to find Toronto jobs. I would start with looking at the admissions requirements for each school and compare that to your stats. You may not have written the LSAT yet so you wouldn't have that, but you could consider your GPA at the very least, and knowing the median score for schools you want to apply to gives you a goal score to work towards while studying. I've found reading these forums, especially School Comparisons helped me a lot with my decision as well. Read 10 reasons to/not to go to my school. It's helpful to be aware of the pros and cons from current and former students. Think about different factors you want to consider... tuition and living costs, location, clinic opportunities etc. Go to different schools websites and look at what they have and see if it's something you would be interested in. I don't know what schools have good crim programs as that's not the area of law I'm interested in but I'm sure other people will be able to suggest specific schools to you!!! Hopefully that's at least a little bit helpful! Good luck with applications and your eventual decision!
  4. Carleton doesn't offer a JD, but Carleton and UOttawa offer a joint program where you get the JD from UOttawa and an MA from Carleton https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/admissions/programs#combined
  5. so excited to be posting here!!!! gpa 81.09 self calculated lsat 170 applied dec 1 congrats to everyone else and good luck to everyone still waiting!!!
  6. hopefully making this move!!! waiting on the next round of offers though 😩
  7. ok thats the assumption ive been rolling with this whole time, thank you for confirming though!
  8. yeah same, on my home transcript it just said i took x number of courses and passed them all but i had to submit a second transcript so they are calculated into their gpa then just to be clear?
  9. I applied right on the deadline lol, December 1st I do have it self calculated but i went on exchange 3rd year and idk how that factors in to their calculation... for example OLSAS didn't even factor in my exchange marks so maybe I should have a second calculation in case Allard policy is similar, unless anyone knows this answer Thanks for your comment!
  10. i'm literally so scared to contact them to ask because i'm worried they'll be annoyed by the question lol I know some people have emailed them to ask... do you think this would get better results or is it better to call (in a few weeks so as to not annoy them) and get it that way
  11. seems like they keep pushing the next round back! as a frequent lurker ive seen so many posts of "i called them today they said late jan!" and then its slowwwwwwlyyyyyy turned into march now 😅 thank you for sharing though!! hope time flies and the next round of offers come soon to ease everyones anxiety
  12. thanks for the explanation! to be fair, my mom has a long name, but weird that it would cause a glitch lol
  13. I checked my application for the first time in a while and it finally says "under review." It says my transcripts and test score were received on monday so im assuming thats when it went under review and i just didn't check I'm confused and concerned about one part of my checklist... there's a part that says: Authorized Applicant Proxy 1: Jan 07 2021 Field length too long does anyone know what this means??? thanks
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