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  1. I would email them. I applied the day the admissions opened and had the same issue.
  2. I applied under Access that explains my previous struggles in academia. Since I have been doing much better in my studies, I decided to get a second undergraduate degree. First one was health sciences (conferred) and my second one is economics (expecting May 2021). I have published two research papers one in the health science field and the other in the economics field (both of them I have been a primary author). I have previous experience in entrepreneurship and consistent community volunteering. In terms of LOR's two professors that I know quite well and one lawyer. Would appreciate any information and advice. Thank you!!!
  3. Congratulations!! Glad that this thread is open for business. What category did you apply in?
  4. Are you accepted? I'm also assuming the applicant pool is higher.
  5. Congratulations!! Did you apply access? Just wondering because of the 5 strong letters of reference.
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