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  1. Thanks, everyone for your input. In summary, I should stop worrying about what I am going to be and just concentrate on the present. I have brown parents and they just want to know what I am going to be and maybe that is why I am so anxious over it. Who knows maybe in the future I will become something that I was never intending to become as long as I enjoy what I am doing then it’s all good. The next time I visit this site is when I am going to write the LSAT or have questions about it. Other than that I am going to keep an open mind. Thanks @Mal for putting things into perspective. Oscar is my favourite character from sesame street.
  2. Thank you for your response. I'm going to tell her this lol. Also for this quote what do you mean by this (sorry I am not that smart)
  3. Ok so I told my parents that I don't wanna go to med school and I want to go to law school. Just told my mom 5 mins ago and her reaction was not that great. For some reason she wants me to do teaching instead of law if I really want to switch my profession. My heart is set on law and I want you guys to post why being a lawyer is a good profession. My mom thinks that it is hard to get a job and she doesn't want me to become unemployed (which I understand). I should have told my mom this months ago and she is going to tell my dad when he comes home so wish me luck. Thank you
  4. I was reading this and it reminded me of my aunt (unfortunately she past away otherwise I would have made her reply to this thread). She was a nurse for 2 years and wanted to make the career switch because she wasn't enjoying her job and she had a great interest in law (especially business and real estate law). The only thing stopping her was the cost of law school because she was newly married at the time and law school was not affordable. She worked and saved up enough money for law school, studied for the LSAT and eventually made it in UBC. This was 10 years ago (I was 8 at the time) so I have no idea what her gpa and LSAT scores were. Asked my dad and he thinks her score was 168. Anyways.. considering my aunts story I think you should go for law if you are tired of nursing and want to work as a lawyer. If you are already love your job and just want law school to enhance your resume I say it is not worth it because law school is expensive and it would be a waste of time. If you do well on the LSAT then thats great and if you don't you always have next time. DISCLAIMER...I am only first year undergrad so I am not that reliable for "advice". Also, my dad wishes you good luck on your LSAT
  5. Wow thanks guys.. Just some more follow up questions. What would you do to beat the curve because understandably everybody in law school is smart bc they all had to get high GPA's and LSAT scores. Also, bc of the curve would it be hard to make friends in Law School? I am a somewhat friendly person and when it comes to school I tend to put others before myself. Am I setting myself for failure basically? I want to become a lawyer some day but this whole curve situation is making me doubt myself if law school is for me (I know that sounds super dumb).
  6. Hey Guys, I was reading about law school online and it seems that a lot of people think that law school is hard and it is especially hard to get A's. What makes Law school so difficult and how can undergrad students prepare for it and know whats to come. Thanks
  7. Is this good...also does it matter if I email a partner or associate Hi Mr/Ms.(first name, last name), My name is (my name) and I am currently attending (blank) university studying first year science and potentially switching to political science. I have always had an interest in law since taking a Law. 12 class in grade.11 and I wanted to further explore the field. I want to know what life is like of a BC lawyer and if this career is right for me. Thanks for the advice
  8. Thank You! Kind of scared to email a random lawyer but I will give it a shot. There is actually a law firm walking distance from my house so I am kind of excited now. Again, can't say this enough but this website so super helpful!!!
  9. This is literally me. One of the reasons why I am switching my degree. I could heavily relate to this
  10. wow thanks. Never heard of access pro bono but I will definitely check it out. It has been hard lately to do some career exploring. My plan was that after grade 12 in the summer I would reach out and volunteer but then miss.corona decided to visit. Thanks for this advice i appreciate it.
  11. I'm sorry but I am kind of dumb could you further explain this. So you mean just look up a random lawyer in my area and ask around if I can volunteer? I am in a smaller university (should have chosen UBC but its fine) I don't think my university has anything like this I will ask the prelaw society The prelaw society at my school kinda sucks tbh I was hoping that they will do something like this but they haven't. I am going to reach out to them just to see
  12. yes I remember memorizing something like this in grade 11 for a test. Thanks for this its actually interesting and much more satisfying then that confusing circuit system.
  13. Hi friends, I am so glad I found this website because people on here give out such good information. I am a first year undergrad student in BC and I was wondering what possible job/volunteer opportunities are there so I can get some experience with law. I was wondering because I wanted to see if the whole idea of becoming a lawyer is good for me. If it is then I will have something to be motivated about and if it is not then I will explore other career ideas. I appreciate all the comments. Thanks
  14. woah that sounds so cool. I was reading your story from before (the post named help) and I am so proud. I am a first yer undergrad student(in bc) just exploring into law and I wanted to know how you got into the position(sorry if this sounds creepy). Am I qualified for a job like this? I was wondering because I want to see if law is a right career for me and maybe being a legal assistant will help me have some experience and see if I love or hate the job
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