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  1. Hey guys, so I've submitted most of my applications. However, all say that they have not retrieved my LSAT information from LSAC. DO I need to purchase CAS??
  2. Yea Solid ECs. I've been working all throughout my undergraduate studies to pay for my tuition, hence the poor gpa, also did my undergrad in Biological sciences . Volunteering at a local law firm, head coach of the U13 boys soccer club for the past 3 years, also organize a local basketball league here in Calgary. Hoping to get in and praying for the best
  3. What are my chances of getting into U of C? Also, graduated from U of C.
  4. Hey Y'all, so I've just submitted my U of A application today. My L2 is 3.49 and I've only done the lsat once June 2020 and score 163. I've looked at the 2020 admission chart and very few kids have gotten in with those stats. I've just graduated from UofC and have applied to both Alberta schools as that's where I want to stay. How we looking??
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