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  1. I went from scoring pretty low on LG to -1/-2 by: 1. Reading the powerscore LG bible 2. Drilling LG by type (grouping, linear, hybrid) untimed and then timed 3. Drilling full timed sections, watching the 7sage explanation for each game and re-doing the ones where I missed inferences! I hope that helps! Good luck
  2. Thanks. Unfortunately I really don’t want to move to Ottawa. Was hoping for uoft, osgoode, western or queens. Any opinions on those?
  3. Applying to UofT, Osgoode, Western, Queens, possibly Ryerson and Ottawa. A bit worried because I have been hearing this cycle will be more competitive (not sure if this applies to Canada, the states, or both). Considering rewriting the LSAT (registered for November). Also not sure if it matters but I went to UofT for my undergrad and my CGPA on my transcript is a 3.62. Decent ECs (interned at a tech start up, part of many groups on campus - although they were not really law related I tied it all together in my personal statement). Thanks in advance!
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