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  1. It went well! I’m glad I ended up “attending”. It was basically a bunch of alumnis talking about how great uvic is. It was tailored towards selling us on the school, which I didn’t realize as I had thought everyone who was invited had to have already accepted their offer. There was a Q+A portion as well but I don’t remember any questions being answered that haven’t already been answered on this forum. Someone did ask about whether classes will be in-person and they did say that they were planning for them to be, so I guess there’s that.
  2. Didn’t mean to come off as ungrateful! Just want to know if it’s worth missing work for. Best of luck to you guys! 😊
  3. Anyone planning on “attending” next Friday? Did any past students find it helpful? Thanks!
  4. Saw a bunch of acceptances with similar stats to me so checked uozone, says “admitted”! Status updated today. lsat 164 cgpa 3.55
  5. Thank you for posting this!! I don’t have experience with student loans and will be moving from the mainland so I’ll be following along👀
  6. I never calculated it and can’t seem to find it on launch pad. It’s probably around 85-90%
  7. Accepted this morning! Lsat 159/164 cgpa 3.69. Applied the day before deadline. Will be declining as I’ve already accepted my offer from uvic. Good luck everyone
  8. Submitted November 9th. Sent my updated transcript dec 21 and it was received Jan 7th
  9. Missed the call at 2, called back and got an offer cgpa 3.69 (with fall grades), OLSAS cgpa 3.55 LSAT 164 minimal ECs so I suspect I was over the index
  10. I can download an unofficial transcript, so I think I'll just upload that. I'll def email them and double-check. Thanks!
  11. I'm a bit confused about the transcript we're supposed to upload ourselves. Can it be an unofficial one? My school won't send an official transcript directly to me for me to scan and upload, but they can send it electronically to UofA...but I think it says not to send a transcript until you've completed fall classes and have grades for them. Can someone help lol
  12. Fingers crossed for UVIC. I really want to stay in BC, cheap(er) tuition, social justice-oriented, smaller classes....my first choice for sure.
  13. So, basically I didn't really think about how adcoms would perceive a student taking first-year courses in their third and fourth years (I know, dumb of me) so I'm wondering if anyone has any insight as to how I should address this in my PS, or if I should even bother. I took some intro poli sci and environment courses late in my degree because the fields really interested me, that's all...is that a good enough explanation?
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