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  1. Not OP but I have a follow-up question to this (if you don't mind). Last school year (2019-2020), I CR/NCR two 0.5 courses which left me with seven grades/courses, however one was a full year so would that amount to eight total and therefore count towards B2 for Queen's? I hope that makes sense.
  2. Just wondering, is it certain the first offers begin sometime this week?
  3. I just want to start by saying I completely feel you regarding the overload of work and stress this semester has induced, give yourself a pat on the back for pushing through! With retaking the LSAT, I'd say to do so if you believe you can score higher - doesn't necessarily have to be 160 (obviously that would be fantastic) but even if you're PTing mid-high 150s that's still an improvement. Also, I don't think taking it three times is thaaaat bad, especially if you show a strong improvement each time (if others have more concrete thoughts on this, please correct me).
  4. Can I ask what your stats were? Also, how difficult was it to find housing and roommates in London? Both in general and if there were any added difficulties due to COVID?
  5. Does 'lower' to you mean below 3.5? I'm in a similar position to OP (160 in October) and am debating whether I should rewrite in January but I'm hoping that my stats will be enough.
  6. I think the cGPA may impact your chances at Osgoode as it is a cGPA school versus Queen's and Western, which are B2 and L2, respectively. I'm not sure to what extent the upward trend will mitigate a lower cGPA.
  7. Sorry to bother, can I ask what your exact stats were? I have a slightly higher cGPA and L2 but same LSAT and seeing you say you got waitlisted at Queens is a bit worrying.
  8. Ugh yeah, that happens and it's really frustrating. I'd retake then, given that you can keep scoring in the mid-160s as you study again.
  9. This is just my opinion, but I would only retake if I knew I had a genuine chance at a higher score. Where were you PTing at? If the 159 is around your average score and you haven't been able to break 160 consistently, I'm not sure that a retake would be worth it. Again, just my two cents and I'm curious to hear what others think.
  10. You got your application acknowledgement email from Queen's today?
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