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  1. I got the email this afternoon at 2:00pm! Accepted into Queens. cGPA 3.67 B2/L2 4.0 LSAT 161 (January 2021 Flex) I applied in the access category but I can not tell from the email if I got accepted under it or in general. I will accept it the offer as it was the only school I applied to. I'm thrilled ☺️.
  2. Congrats! When did you take your LSAT?
  3. agreed! Well done. It was challenging and took courage. You've come this far and it's something to celebrate.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
  4. Thanks! I will call to make sure. I found this in my research after I posted: "If you are unable to obtain a letter of reference from an academic source, please choose referees who are able to speak to your abilities as they relate to law school, namely your ability to analyse, write, conduct research, work in groups, and organize your time."
  5. I'm applying as a mature student under the access category to Queen's. I got my bachelor's degree nearly 20 years ago. Does anybody know if the requirements for an academic reference could possibly be overlooked for someone whose academic professors are obsolete? Or could I use a reference from a non-accredited academic teacher/coach?
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