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  1. Hello, Does Ryerson Law highlight the scholarships received (i.e. Entrance scholarship? or any other?) on the Offer of Admission? Thanks
  2. Where do you see if they requested an LSAC report?
  3. Hello, I received my first LSAT score for Nov and I am not satisfied with it. (Most likely won't get me an acceptance) However, I think I want to keep it. I registered to do the LSAT in Jan. I indicated in OLSAS that I am doing it in Jan How do I inform Law schools that I am redoing it and that they should consider my Jan score? What is the best communication method - Email or phone? Thanks
  4. Hello, Where can we find our OLSAS calculated GPA scores (The scores they calculated using our transcripts)? Thanks
  5. Thank you for answering @castlepie
  6. Hello, I might do the Jan LSAT (Depending on my Nov score) should I include that I am doing it in Jan in the OLSAC application? Is there a way that we can adjust the "Future LSAT Test Dates" after submission? Thanks
  7. " "If you submit an online transcript request (as part of your application) by the stated deadline, you have satisfied the transcript deadline requirement" - The universities process your transcript requests after your submission. So don't worry about the transcripts if you have completed your applications by the Nov. 1 deadline
  8. Thank you. Hopefully I do very good on my first LSAT in Nov.!
  9. Hello! From your own knowledge, which universities in Ontario are more likely to accept splitter students (low LSAT, high GPA)? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the help! Good luck to you as well.
  11. Hello All, I am currently completing the application for Windsor through OLSAC and I have a couple of questions: Regarding question one: "Why do you want to study law at the University of Windsor? Using examples, explain how your academic, personal and/or work experiences have contributed to your development as an individual and prepared you for the study of law" Response maximum of 1800 characters Are they looking for an answer that highlights why I want to go to the University of Windsor (Ex. unique experience, opportunities, interests) the typical "why this uni is my first choice?" or are they looking for something else? Do we have to explain how all of these factors (academic, personal, work experiences) played a role? I do not believe I have enough space to highlight each factor effectively in my response. Regarding question three: "3. Are there any other extra-curricular experiences, skills or interests other than your university program, work experience or community work as previously outlined that you believe will assist you in the pursuit of legal studies?" Response maximum of 1800 characters Can I outline skills or interests from academic, personal, work experiences that I did not highlight in my other questions? I just do not fully understand this question. Your help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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