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  1. I'm wondering what would be the likelihood of a transfer to UBC Law after a year in a different school. Currently my lsat is 158, how much of an impact does lsat play in upper year transfers? Thank you
  2. I got in this cycle with slightly lower stats than you! I would stay hopeful.
  3. Accepted! cGPA 3.67 L2: 4.00 LSAT 158
  4. thanks guys! i have applied to other schools. Would have preferred uvic but all is good
  5. So I received my mark and its a little lower than expected. Is there a chance of getting in? is it worth applying at this point to uvic?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if any sfu students or any other students with similar situations, know if OLSAS accepts transcripts in digital form? I don't know if sent by mail, it would be received on time. I looked at the OLSAS website and it said only some approved distribution centres for digital transcripts, and i'm not sure my school is apart of those distribution centres. Thank you!
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