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  1. so it says that LOLSAS has received my transcript. But when I go to academic background my cGPA has not changed and the fall 2020 grades are not yet there. What shoudl I do
  2. Hey so today finally my fall 2020 grades were received by OUAC. However my cGPA has not been switched and when I go to "academic background" it has not updated with the fall 2020 grades. Do I need to add another academic institution (the same school)? Can anyone help me here
  3. Hey I would like to send my Fall 2020 grades to the Law Schools. Do I add a new transcript request for end of Fall Term then submit the application? Any help is appreciated thank you
  4. After this semester however my C will be 3.68 and L2 will be 3.85. Thanks
  5. Is my LSAT(august) supposed to show up on OUAC? I filled it all out and it says that they will send it to the schools. Is there anything I need to do
  6. Once fall 2020 grades are submitted CGPA will become 3.68 L2 3.85 thoughts?
  7. Hey Im wondering if theres certain things I should NOT add on my Sketch For example I am smart serve certified but do they really care about that
  8. do you know if they will look at your grades from Fall 2020 semester
  9. DO they (uO) and other Ontario schools only look at the cGPA or will they look at individual stats of courses and find potential anomalies. not talking about last 2 GPA.
  10. same with me. I should be just under a 3.8 but the LSA assistant says 3.62 how is that possible. Each one of my credits r equal
  11. Hi will law schools for this (NOV 1 2020) deadline see Fall 2020 grades once they are finalized
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