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  1. Thank you!!:) I do remember seeing that now too I think! Good luck to you too!
  2. Got it, thanks! And haha I'm from Toronto, my friends and I have been abbreviating it UFT our whole lives, but noted.
  3. Wondering if anyone still has not had their GPA & academic background updated? been over 10 days for me now! (just getting nervous, but what's new there)
  4. Apologies if this question has been asked before. I was recently selected for an interesting (and relevant to law school) opportunity, and I was wondering whether I should email UFT with this update to my candidacy (or whether that would be more annoying than anything else)? Thanks, and wishing everyone luck with their cycle!:)
  5. Yeah, this mcgill degree is making me nervous, talked to a UFT rep and she said it was really rare they accept ;/ but idk if she knew it was the mcgill 3-year compared to just me being a 3rd year undergrad student
  6. I'm ready to apply to schools and everything, but the only problem is I'll be graduating in 3 years instead of 4 (from McGill university). I talked to an admissions rep from UOFT and she said it was rare they accept candidates without 3 years of an academic record (and upon application, I'll only 2 given I'm graduating this year --- my third year). Wondering if anyone else was in the same boat or was also an applicant in their third AND final year of their degree? Will this seriously harm my chances?
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