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  1. Hi all, I was just wondering about the length it usually takes for one to hear back after getting the email saying your application went into review?
  2. So I add up all of the marks and then divide by the number of credits or ?? Sorry, I've just seen multiple ways to convert this and I haven't found a consistent way?
  3. Alright so I calculated a 0.819, is that accurate with my scores? 3.7/4.0 - so the ratio difference between 4/4.3 1.075 so I can just multiply 3.7 x 1.075 to figure out my 4.3 score correct? So it would be 3.97/4.3. LSAT: 160 I think I calculated right, if I'm wrong please someone let me know!
  4. Is this an accurate conversion table? https://wens.re.kr/xe/application/table
  5. So for a 160 and 3.7, I would go 160 - 120 x 0.4 + 3.7 x 0.6?
  6. Hey there, I was just wondering how one calculates their index score?
  7. All I know is that over my last 10 credits I have a 10.25 on the CGPA scale (I go to Carleton), and this converted is a 3.71 or higher I think, on the 4.0 scale.
  8. Hey everyone !! I have just received a 160 and my L2 is about a 3.71. What are my chances do we think? Also with applications, do my winter marks get uploaded after the semester? Those I think would bump my average even higher. Should I wait until January? Recommendations?
  9. I’ve gone 143, 154, and 156! My CGPA for the last two years sits at 3.7/4! I’ve worked multiple jobs throughout school and have an internship at a law firm. I am signed up for the November LSAT. Thoughts?
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