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  1. I just felt like all my stuff was too average. My ECs were good but nothing spectacular, I had one strong LOR and one that probably wasn't as strong and my GPA wasn't as high as I (or McGill) would have liked. I applied hoping the holistic process would work in my favour but it did not.
  2. Accepted! CGPA: 3.58 B2/L2: 3.76 LSAT: 165 General with relatively average ECs! Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  3. Just got the email, rejected with a 3.58 CGPA and a 165 LSAT. I wasn't expecting to get in but I definitely didn't expect to get rejected this soon!
  4. Just got my acceptance email! GPA was 3.86 after drops, 165 LSAT. General applicant from Ontario.
  5. That's great because those are my top 2! Thanks
  6. Longtime lurker first time posting. I just got my first LSAT score back and it was a 165. I'm wondering what you all would consider my chances to be at uOttawa, Queens, McGill and UNB?
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