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  1. Hi all, Just received email from UWO with user log in credentials. In the email, it was noted that they received over 2700 applications this year. Checking last year's cycle, only 2174 applied. Wondering if this bump in apps will hold true for the rest of Ontario, and if so, curious to see how much more competitive it is for spots this year. I know there's been quite a lot of talk on here and speculation about this year's cycle , these early numbers for UWO suggest could be quite a competitive year.
  2. Especially if it's true that OZ likes the cGPA
  3. I unfortunately don't have the money right now to afford a private tutor. I had been regularly hitting between 158-161 in practice and know that with Nov and Jan as re-writes, I would bet on myself to hit at least 158. Based on previous chances posts, I did go into this cycle thinking my GPA + a 158 would get me in , but the 155 obviously has me pretty unsure of what the chances currently would be at. I appreciate all the help
  4. Yes, OLSAS converted on 4.0 scale
  5. Hi guys, Just received OCT Flex score back and disappointed that LSAT came back below my PT avg around 158-161. With that being said, I am re-writing in November. Wondering what you think my chances are as it stands, CGPA 3.95 , L2 3.99, LSAT 155 (also have 4.0 MA degree). Applying to Osgoode, Queens, Western. Thank you for all input and help.
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