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  1. For what it's worth I just got changed from "complete" to "referred" today. I also only submitted two academic references (so no non-academic) and that was on my to-do list for a while but now it's gone!
  2. lol same. I just asked like if I was supposed to go from complete to pending review and they told me to be patient. like, yeah. for sure. im not asking you to get back to me right now, im curious about part of the application process lol
  3. I emailed because im also "complete" but haven't heard back!
  4. In queue as of Dec. 23! Just checked on a whim. OLSAS cGPA is 3.73, lsat 161!
  5. Following! It has never been anything but complete and it's confusing
  6. Where are you guys seeing this? Mine just says status: complete??
  7. This is McGill! Concordia and UdM are also doing it I believe. And yeah, we get to check before. It’s not like we can pass/fail every class, we only get 2 for the whole year but yeah
  8. Hi everyone! I'm currently in my last year of my undergraduate degree and my university just announced that we will be able to exercise a pass/fail option on courses that are part of our major/minor requirements after we've seen our grades as a way to mitigate the issues with online learning/stress of the pandemic/etc. I know this has been discussed in some capacity before, but I just want to know what people think about taking that option during this semester as opposed to the original pandemic semester of winter 2020. Will having a pass/fail look unfavourable on my transcript since not every school will be implementing this kind of option for students for fall 2020? Does it even matter? I just want to be able to make an informed decision, so anything helps!
  9. This is such a huge part of it for me. Most of my friends are taking a covid gap year to go rave in New Zealand so seeing other people share my stress is like, comforting in one of the most evil ways possible
  10. I'm like 99% sure that I would not have been as stressed if I had never found this website lol
  11. Seeing this is definitely stressful lol, I have a 3.73 (OLSAS) and a 161 with no plans to retake. I've applied to Ottawa, Queens, Oz, McGill, and Windsor. Should I apply to UNB and Dal?
  12. Usually during a recession more people typically apply. A lot of Ontario schools (Oz for example) have reported substantial (20-30%) increases, which means more competitive so...
  13. Can confirm they will definitely send an email. I'm in my undergrad at McGill and when I was accepted to my current program I remember receiving an email (good times lol)
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