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  1. the fb group is "U of T Faculty of Law - JD Class of 2024". You can search for it on fb and you can request to join
  2. hey just saw this post and wanted to let you know that I had similar (and even a bit lower scores) but was still able to get in this cycle. I have a 3.6 cGPA and my B3 was actually lower than yours (3.8). I got in earlier today so I think you have a good chance. I graduated last year and while I did write the optional essay, I didn't write about mitigating circumstances for low GPA (don't have an "excuse" nor felt ethical making something up). I kinda just accepted that I had lower grades and decided to use the optional essay to instead talk about my future goals. My lsat score was 166 so I'm sure you will have a decent shot overall. Best of luck!
  3. Pleasantly surprised. Got the call an hour or two ago. cGPA: 3.60 B3: 3.80 LSAT: 166 Applied general and choose to write optional essay Currently in a 1-year masters; Graduated undergrad in 2020 Best of luck to everyone waiting!
  4. Got an acknowledgement email from Ottawa earlier today with my login information. When I clicked on my admission file I have a "Status: Under Evaluation" with no missing documents. I think it may be because I submitted my application quite early on through OLSAS.
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