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  1. I see Ryerson students succeeding in 1L recruit which is highly competitive so I think you will be fine.
  2. I've seen firms post a list of their incoming summer students. Is that trend also new to this year?
  3. Wow I can't believe this LinkedIn debate is still ongoing. Who is going to remember in a week that someone made one of these cringey LinkedIn posts, let alone hold a vendetta for years? You guys are blowing it out of proportion. It is not the end of the world. I'm sure it won't be a continuing trend given the popular LinkedIn posts that called out the phenomenon. I haven't seen anyone post their summer employment since those call-out posts. How do the ultravires report work/ collect their data?
  4. I have already seen a post denouncing the denouncements. We have come full circle.
  5. I don't know what this means but maybe it's different for me because I also have a summer employment lined up so I genuinely am happy for people when I see their success as well.
  6. I actually didn't but I can understand why someone would.
  7. Is this not the purpose of LinkedIn? People are always posting screenshots of their acceptances and scholarships. The whole platform was built on humblebrags.
  8. What are CANS? I feel the same way. I would suggest signing up for any mentorship programs if there are any available at your school. I found it to be a good way of networking.
  9. Update: I got the job! I hope that future law students questioning themselves see this post and apply despite their grades!
  10. Just a reminder that I don't think we can discuss the specifics of it today yet since they are still holding interviews tomorrow.
  11. Sorry for the confusion. It was a call followed up by an email inviting me for an interview.
  12. I just wanted to say thank you for this. I just received a request for an interview this morning and if it wasn't for your encouragement I likely wouldn't have applied.
  13. I just received a call this morning for an ITC. Guess this is inaccurate.
  14. A lot of the 1L recruitment are asking for law school transcripts and so far, we only have our midterm grades. I received a C+ on one of my midterm and I know 1L recruitment is super competitive. Should I even bother or just aim to get a student-proposed internship for the summer instead?
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