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  1. Thanks for the info, and it's really encouraging to hear when people have gone through similar situations as well. Though I'm planning to try and stay in major transit cities (not just for the transit of course), I'd love to be able to drive again one day for the independence and flexibility like you mentioned. Cheers!
  2. Thank you so much for these— exactly what I was looking for and having trouble finding!
  3. BL is Big/Corporate Law! I'm used to the law applicant forum, so maybe that's just one of the terms for people that don't actually know much about the reality of the profession yet 😅
  4. Hi all, Kind of a strange question— because of an accident from when I was younger, I have stayed away from driving as much as possible. However, I'm now wondering how feasible that will be if I decide to work in law (hopefully starting law school this year). Does anyone know how possible it might be to work as a lawyer without driving? I'm not set on a particular type of law just yet, but to cover my bases I'd be particularly interested in how possible this is in either criminal law or BL. My intuition is that it might be a hindrance but not a dealbreaker, especially for bigger markets with stronger public transit systems + more ubers and cabs. If driving were that important to my career, I might consider trying to drive again with some psychological help or otherwise, but if it's in any way avoidable I'd love to know. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, I've been blessed with an opportunity to potentially go to Allard. That being said, I'm still in the process of choosing where to go, and I was wondering if anyone had any info on how portable the Allard degree is— in particular, I was wondering how UBC graduates do trying to work in California or in the big eastern cities (Toronto, NYC, Chicago, etc.) relative to schools like UofT and Osgoode. Have also thought of working in non-NA cities like London, but that's still just a curiousity at this point rather than a concrete goal or even desire, haha. Thanks in advance, and hope everyone's doing as well as pandemic-possible!
  6. got the call at 9:45 pst (12:45 toronto time). OLSAS cGPA/B3: 3.79, LSAT 173 (July), wrote the optional essay (KJD, nothing crazy with the softs) very grateful and probably accepting. a reminder to anyone out there that your mental health >>> this forum! "anxiety begets more anxiety" and especially during these mentally stressful times, we could all dedicate some extra effort to taking care of our mentals ❤️ and for people still waiting on decisions, don't forget that this is a smallll sample size that's most likely skewed in a particular direction because it's the first day of the first round! I find for myself that worrying sometimes distorts my self-image— your application is the same application it was before today, and everything will be alright. take care y'all
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