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  1. UBC, wrote mine in Oct and Nov., but I think Nov was what UBC took weight on. 164 166
  2. Thanks! I didn't receive any additional emails. Where r u applying from? I'm a current UBC undergrad, maybe that makes it a little different. Gook luck!!
  3. OMG I am so glad I checked this site today. Got the email 5:14pm today!! GPA: 86.3 after drops LSAT: 164, 166 Applied on Nov. 25...Didn't expect at all cause I applied so late!! Congratssss guys!!
  4. Just got the November score and improved 2 points. My LSAT is right on the median at 166, but my GPA is below the median.. In third year I got promoted into 4th year earlier, so there are only year 1 2 4 on my transcript, meaning the cGPA and best 3 year are same. Got Dean's Honour Roll in two years but forgot to put in the sketches.. Otherwise had several work experiences, and several long-term extracurricular commitment and volunteer. Any suggestions? Should I take the LSAT again in January?
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