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  1. Did anybody else receive an email in late April about additional admission scholarships? If so, does anybody know how they determine whether or not you would receive a scholarship? I always assumed admission scholarships were automatic
  2. In what situation would one need to interview with the Dean? Also, what would a Dean's recommendation letter be used for? I'm a 0L so completely new to everything law school
  3. Waitlisted today L2: 3.48 LSAT: Cancelled/154/154/161 Master's degree and worked at two non profits
  4. I'm okay with not starting with that. From my very little understanding most junior lawyers start at 60-80K, with a lockstep structured increase until you eventually reach mid 100s? Correct me if I'm wrong because I do have a very limited understanding of this
  5. What is the pay like? On Google, it claims an environmental lawyer can make 165K and if you are with the government, I saw that a crown attorney can make $200K. These numbers seem very good???
  6. Hi! I never ended up using mine, and it just ended up collecting dust on my bookshelf (so it is in perfect brand new condition). How much were you hoping to pay for a copy?
  7. I NEVER thought I would be accepted at UOttawa, but I'm definitely ecstatic to be posting here cGPA: 3.15; gGPA: 3.97 LSAT: Cancelled/154/154/161/160 I applied access, and I have an extreme upwards trend after receiving treatment for my medical issues. I have a Master's degree, interned at two non-profits, and my PS was very much tailored to Ottawa's specialities. 99% accepting
  8. I'm honestly blown away by your ECs. Congrats again!
  9. Wow that is fast! Congrats! What are your ECs/other holistic factors like?
  10. Since all the waves have passed, the waitlist should be coming out soon (I'm assuming). When do you guys think the waitlist will be released?
  11. I've honestly had to stare at my LSAC page to make sure that I didn't just make up the number I thought I got. I haven't heard back from any schools yet and I thought I had DECENT(???) stats
  12. Congrats! When is the deadline to respond?
  13. Didn't they only have a single wave? Isn't there supposed to be a second?
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