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  1. So I got back all but one of my grades for the fall semester. Would it be sensible to send in a transcript update now, and then once again when my last mark is out, or to wait for the last grade altogether? I want to avoid running the risk of waiting too long in case the grade comes out after round two. Conversely, I am also afraid that the admissions committee will 'miss' my second transcript update after seeing my first. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, so applications were due Nov 1, but I just got news today that another one of my essays were chosen for publication. Should I email UofT since I can no longer add to my sketch/verifiers? Or should I just let this be?
  3. Ahh my mind is officially drifting... It's probably unwise to get my hopes up so much, though I can't help it reading these and feeling the second-hand euphoria I don't seem to mind one bit either!
  4. Anyone who has been accepted by call - does the caller ID show up as a random 10 digit number, or does it show a specific person's name, or literally just 'UofT Law'? I've blocked so many of what I assumed to be spam callers over the past few weeks that I've began to fear for the worst.
  5. Also make sure you convert it to OLSAS. Graduating with a 3.75 on your transcript is not the same as applying with a 3.75
  6. How are you a first year law student but completing your degree next year? Is it a two year degree in the UK?
  7. Only reason I can think of is that it communicates a lack of conviction in one's pursuit of a single career goal. But @minny I personally don't think you have anything to worry about. They are well aware that university is a time of profound self-discovery. Nobody's expecting you to have your life figured out in grade 12 as you apply to undergraduate programs. But nonetheless, and especially in your case, I think it would be wise to clearly state your reason for pursuing law in your personal statement. If you did that, then in my opinion you have nothing to worry about.
  8. Took your advice; submitted an hour ago!
  9. Just making sure....Apps are due TOMORROW, 11:59 at NIGHT, correct? Thanks!
  10. its based on fall/winter of a specific school year
  11. Yes, that is how I understand it to be as well. Can anyone else confirm?
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