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  1. Hi everyone, Sure this has been said before, but I couldn't seem to find it, so I am just going to ask anyways. I am looking at signing up to retake the LSAT in January, since I am not doing anything between now and then anyways and an improved score will only help my chances. That being said, I have a couple questions; Will schools see that I am retaking it, and push off my application for acceptance to see the score, or if I am "admissible" based on my prior stats and LSAT will they accept me before they score anyways? Also, hypothetically, if I were to retake in January and score lower than my current LSAT score, how poorly does that look? I know most (or all?) schools take the highest LSAT score, but if they see that I retook it and scored worse, how badly will that affect my application? I know I shouldn't even worry about this, but my anxiety tells me to check the pros and cons. Thanks everyone!
  2. Yeah they do haha, it was awesome. Obviously it is nowhere near the size of ice hockey, but they had teams from Europe, States was there, etc. so it was still pretty big.
  3. Hi everyone, so I am putting down my sketches and am wondering, I know category doesn't make a massive difference, but I played on a ball hockey team that represented Canada at a world championships, and we won gold. should I put the team down as an extra curricular, or put it down more as an award/achievement, meaning winning gold? thanks.
  4. Honestly, just negligence. First year especially, I was still caught up in sports 4-5 nights a week, when I should’ve toned it down. Third and fourth year I reduced my hockey to 2-3 nights a week and had more time to study, hence the jump.
  5. Hi everyone, I am sure you see these posts enough but of course as a nervous applicant I need my own thread. My stats above based on what I have seen are average or even below (like my cGPA) and I’m wondering how I’d do, especially at queens? (Closest to current residence). My personal statement is just average, but my LOR’s are strong, both from professors. I don’t know if it even makes a difference, but I discussed how in first year I competed on an international level for ball hockey, which also happened to be my worst year for grades. Thanks for the feedback!
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