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  1. Planning on writing the LSAT summer 2021. I only asked this question now because I do not want my CGPA to hinder me regardless of my score.
  2. Hi all, I am currently in my third year of my undergrad at UofT. I've recently decided that I wanted to go law school and I am committed to doing so. If I finish with a 3.7 in my third and fourth year, this will bring my CGPA to a 3.27. Obviously, this is extremely low for law schools such as UofT and Osgoode (which is where I would prefer to go). I'm debating whether I should take a fifth year to try and bring my CGPA up. Has anyone been in a similar situation? If so, how was your experience and would you recommend me doing this? For L2/ B2 schools a 3.7 GPA would be fine based on my own research. Is it worth it for me to take a fifth year, or should I try my luck with L2/ B2 schools?
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