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  1. Thanks! I am aiming for 170 mainly because of the new lsat policy. I suspect that will drive up the lower end of the index scores by a bit and I personally don't see myself getting in unless I score above a 168
  2. Thank you, I am trying to work on it. I guess my anxiety stems from challenges I faced growing up and that manifested into a desire for me to have extreme certainty in my life. But of course that's not possible and I'm learning to accept that
  3. Idk I guess it's because my lowest scores were reading comprehension and logical reasoning which I believed to be near impossible to improve in by a substantial amount. And since I did okay in logic games I thou guy t i would be unable to raise my score very much from 152 but the responses here have given me hope
  4. Thats incredible and really inspiring! But 6 months is quite a long time. Would you say that 6 months was just right or too long? Also how many hours did you dedicate per week to studying? I feel I need to ramp up my review for sure. Its been a week since my diagnostic and I've done about 3ish hours of studying, not very much. I'm only using khan academy so far. I am planning to write in August am I'm scared that my low review time has already made me shoot myself in the foot. How many hours do you recommend I should increase my studying and also I was wondering if you think I should get more resources to use?
  5. Dual business degree is a great idea if that program is available at your school! It would make you really employable, even more so for policy jobs. Plus, you would gain a lot of transferrable skills to other industries. My suggestion is to do accounting if you do business (as long as you're interested!). Its probably the most employable business major and can be quite lucrative.
  6. aw man, getting 170 would be a dream for me. If I got a 170, I would literally not have to worry at all about admissions. This past year has been so competitive, people who were rejected this year would have been admitted in previous years for sure. I'm certain next year will be even worse
  7. which grades did they use for you? first year and second year? and then also first semester of third year?
  8. I think its super important to focus on one goal and not dilute yourself too much but doing an undergrad that leads to job opportunities is also important because as you've mentioned, you have no idea how much you'll change a couple years from now. Heck, I'm 19 and I was a totally different person at 17, it's hard to believe that was just two years ago. The government hires many soc majors for policy advisors so that's a great route. Try to get some internship experience and even if you don't end up pursuing that, it will look fantastic on your resume when you are in law school. Another major that would be good is business if you're interested. I personally think accounting is a great major, both employability and as a precursor to law school. Understanding finance is useful for many corporate/business law related fields. If you don't pursue law school, you can still have a very promising and comfortable career with a business degree!
  9. 8 wrong in total to get a 170? Thats tough! I would need some drastic improvement to reach that!
  10. Thanks, could I ask what score you ended up with on the actual LSAT? And how much you were able to improve your RC score?
  11. Thanks so much! Could I ask what -2,-3 means? Does it mean that you got 2-3 questions wrong? In that case, my RC would be -14
  12. I took the Khan Academy LSAT diagnostic and was really sad to see my score. I got a 152 which I believe is average for LSAT diagnostics however my individual scores are the reason I'm so disappointed. They were Logical reasoning - 11/25 Analytical reasoning/logic games - 18/23 Reading comp - 13/27 Logical reasoning part 2 - 17/26 I had to guess on about 3 questions in logic games, 2 in RC, and 3-5 in the first LR. I did horrible on reading comprehension and honestly I've never been too good at it. But when I was doing the questions, I found the RC to be quite simple and was not expecting this score at all. The easiest section to improve is logic games which, it looks like I don't have a lot of room for improvement there. I really wanted to score about 166, preferably closer to 170, to make up for my crap grades, is that even possible at this point? I can probably increase a bit in logical reasoning and hopefully get close to perfect scores in logic games but that seems about it at this point.
  13. Yeah this was my understanding too, I emailed them explicitly stating that if I applied next cycle I would have 75 credits by the end of the fall. They said I would be a regular applicant then. I was surprised by that honestly, I wish it was a bit more clear on their website
  14. uofa changed their lsat policy this year where they are now taking the highest lsat score. This will likely make admissions more competitive. The usual index for auto admit used to be around 242 or higher which you have but this year it seemed to be 245. They changed their policy mid application cycle so a lot of people didn't know about this change. Who knows, they might change their policy again next year to be averaged lsat which I believe will make it less competitive. I personally believe the competition will be much greater next year with an auto admit index of around 248 if they keep this new lsat policy. I think if you feel you can get a 170 it would be a good idea to rewrite
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